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Rogers confirms BlackBerry Bold for Canada

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Posted by tranced
Rogers today confirmed that it would carry the BlackBerry Bold for Research in Motion's home country. The smartphone will make use of Rogers' 3G network and isn't expected to lose any features in the transition, including its GPS and Wi-Fi. By using the newer cellular data standard, the Bold is the first BlackBerry on Rogers' network to allow Internet access without interrupting phone calls.


Posted by Supa_Fly
Canadians .... click HERE:

if you wan to be notified of when Rogers officially will carry it and have it in stock.

NOTE: that officiall sellers retailers will get word within 15days of when its available for HUP (Harware UPgrade)

Posted by tranced

BlackBerry Bold Coming to Rogers on July 25th!

Posted by fbloise
Wish to see that one in my country!

Posted by UNoZ
it's important the blackberry.

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