T-Mobile’s New Jukebox

3 July 2007 by axxxr
T-Mobile have their Mobile Jukebox service, available from today, which allows customers with any one of 32 handsets to download music to their phone and their PC simultaneously.

The four major record labels, Universal, Sony BMG, EMI and Warner are on board along with the smaller likes of Beggars Banquet and V2, and there’s a choice of 500,000 tracks for a nice round quid apiece. In a nice egalitarian move, the service is available to the humble pay-as-you-go user as well as those on contract, and it’s on 2.5G as well as 3G.

The pound cost gets you two downloads of the same track, one compressed AAC to your phone and one WMA to your PC. It’s all backed up on a website, so even if some little thief makes off with your W880i, you’ll still have all the tunes you paid for, and all this month T-Mobile are giving away five tracks to anyone with a Mobile Jukebox compatible handset. souce:t3

T-mob jukebox

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On 4 Jul 00:29 SEcz wrote
Nice service, nice advert
On 3 Jul 20:47 Miguel wrote
my iphone crab, when i change it with garanty i will sell it and buy the w880
On 3 Jul 15:26 atilathehunch wrote
when you think about music on mobiles you didnt think about t-mobile for downloading, its interesting that only now have they activated this service while others have existed for a while. im not on t-mobile but its good to see the service available to pay as you go as well as contract customers. just another track download service admittedly, although i like the multiple track dowload feature.nice.
On 3 Jul 15:20 prom1 wrote
Excellent TOP NOTCH regarding a theft phone that a client can CAN redownload what was already purchased.

The Walkman lineup is finally a iPod killer.

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