Pocket Surfer 2 coming to the UK for Free Mobile Web

3 July 2007 by axxxr
DataWind's Pocket Surfer 2 device is coming to the UK in July, claiming to offer the internet anywhere for free.

The first generation device is currently for sale in the US and Canada, offering full web access via a 640 pixel wide screen with full QWERTY keyboard. It works via your mobile handset, using a Bluetooth (which means wireless) link-up for connectivity. And it's friendly to your data contract too server-side compression cutting back on the bandwidth.

What the second generation model (pictured below) offers, apart from a change of look, isn't clear. Hopefully we'll have concrete details of it, as well as the pricing model, after the launch. source:techdigest

pocket surfer


On 4 Jul 18:05 steve wrote
was looking to buy but its not entirely free browsing.

device costs about £170 pre orders being taken. 1 years free browsing. thereafter annual subcription for "as little as £40".

info from:
On 3 Jul 20:49 Cristin wrote
GOOD look PHONE but is better NOKIA AND SE, but in tecnology my w880 is better than my nokia N72
On 3 Jul 20:29 saeed wrote
On 3 Jul 19:45 zx wrote
That is wrong i get every thing for free games songs applications you name it i get it. I just say very very little for the connection but that is nothing compared to wat i download
On 3 Jul 18:55 chrisuk wrote
nothing in this world is free, there will be some sort of catch to which people wont sign up to.
On 3 Jul 15:39 atilathehunch wrote
sadly only claims at this stage. even if there are no browsing costs,your pockets will be emptied somehow, there's always a way! be that downloads, specific sites charging you, or simply the cost of the device!!

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