Privacy Feature in New Handset from Sharp

24 October 2006 by axxxr
If you like privacy while useing your phone in public then try the "Veil View" feature that has been introduced by Sharp in its latest handset the W41SH.This feature works simlier to privacy filters on laptops only this is much better.

The veil view works on a simple concept, that of having the visible view on the display restricted only to a particular angle.Better yet, anyone outside the viewing angle will be able to see a special design that is pre-selected by the user instead of the data on the screen. Four different types of patterns are available to keep voyeurs at bay. The veiled view may also be switched off upon the users discretion. Product Page source:phoneyworld  



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On 25 Oct 02:44 govigov wrote
whatever "someguy" meant.

i think its kinda cool the veil effect
On 24 Oct 18:03 someguy wrote
now people can watch porno on their tiny little screen anywhere!!!

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