Slopestyle Jacket

24 October 2006 by axxxr
SlopeStyle is a functional and fashionable athletic jacket concept and prototype. Digital pictures from a camera phone or PDA can be transmitted directly, or downloaded wirelessly from the internet, to a display embedded in the jacket.

A photo is emailed from a camera phone to a specified email account. Using fetchmail in daemon mode, the email is transferred to a local account on a web server. A perl script runs as a chron job and pulls images from emails for display on a WIFI enabled PDA. The PDA is loaded to a html page with a meta refresh tag so that it can display new images as they arrive. source:moondial

On 25 Oct 11:26 etaab wrote
More useless news.
On 25 Oct 02:46 govigov wrote
kinda stupid imo.
On 25 Oct 00:35 menace1234 wrote
better to hang the jacket up and watch as the images change like magic.

lol, what happens when a work pal emails u porn?
On 24 Oct 15:01 drlau9 wrote
Point of this solja,
Is so people can update their fashion patterns like burberry (urgh) etc etc. Personalisation persay.

On 24 Oct 14:30 sefan wrote
so does that mean that the person wearing this jacket has to look at the image on a mirror?
On 24 Oct 13:23 Levo75 wrote
japs are at it again..
Unles the screen is larger and flexibel.
It wont be a succes.
On 24 Oct 09:53 solja wrote

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