Sharp 812SH comes in 20 colors

29 January 2007 by axxxr
Sharp has announced the 812SH handset for Japan which is being launched in twenty different colours simultaneously.

Sharp has decided to release colored varaints of the 812SH like Motorola but instead it is offering customers a whopping 20 colors ranging from white to pink to gold to mint green right form start.

The W-CDMA clamshell has a 2.4 inch display (240 x 320 pixels) supporting 260,000 colors and an external 0.8 inch OLED display. It has a 2 Megapixel camera with video recording and a Micro SD card slot (upto 1 GB). The phone supports Felica for making wireless payments and securing the mobile phone is an advanced face recognition which wont unlock the phone unless it sees you.The Sharp 812SH measures 499717.6mm and will be available in Japan by February. source:newlaunches k-tai.impress

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On 30 Jan 14:26 macz wrote
I like the design,,, and also the concept of producing color variants,,,
On 30 Jan 09:18 Jos wrote
The color I like is not in the pallet!
On 30 Jan 08:04 manfran wrote
Hmmmm, i like the girl HOLDING the phone! Hehehe...
On 30 Jan 04:51 BoNNie wrote
Its This sort of articles that makes you "drool" & Evirlize you into wanting to have 1. The worst thing is that its not even avail. for the global market. Unless you in Jpn. Damn.. I just want to own at least 5 of d color :D 1 diff. color for each day
On 29 Jan 22:44 Nick wrote
I also like the gun metal colour one
On 29 Jan 20:01 andre wrote
i like the green one
On 29 Jan 19:04 govigov wrote
i like the centre on in the bottom row, the gun metal color i think it is... always wanted a phone on that color

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