iPhone being the most used search word in 2011 according to Yahoo

5 December 2011 by
Even though we still have 4 weeks left of 2011, Yahoo says the most used search word in 2011 was iPhone

iPhone being the most used search word in 2011 according to Yahoo

One would think it was a little early to reveal the most popular search word used when there is 26 days left of the year, but Yahoo has a tradition to release the list in the beginning of December.

Last year, iPhone ranked #6 in the Top Overall Searches list by Yahoo. This year iPhone was the most popular search term for those using Yahoo as their search engine. Google is without doubt the most popular search engine world-wide, but Yahoo! has a higher market share in US than it has in the rest of the world. The top-10 list should probably be announced as a Top 10 US Searches. The second most used search term reveals that. Case Anthony is is mostly know to US users. Apple has a very large smartphone market share in the US compared to the rest of the world.

It is the second time a device has captured the first place during the 11 year the top-10 list has been compiled by Yahoo. PlayStation 2 was among the top-10 in 2001 and 2002. Much has happened to Apple during 2011. The former CEO Steve Jobs resigned as a CEO and he later died of tumor in the pancreas. We had the rumors of a new iPhone 5, which turned out to be an iPhone 4S when it was announced by the new CEO Tim Cook.

The entire top-10 list consist mostly of celebrities: 1. iPhone, .2 Casey Anthony, 3. Kim Kardashian, 4. Katy Perry, 5. Jennifer Lopez, 6. Lindsay Lohan, 7. American Idol, 8. Jennifer Aniston, 9. Japan Earthquake and finally 10. Osama bin Laden 


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Bonovox12 years, 5 months ago
My god what a very boring lot of You Tube users there must be out there. Searching for such boring things like them celebs
anonymuser12 years, 5 months ago
Jennifer Aniston? Are they sure these aren't the results from 2001?
jplacson12 years, 5 months ago
Yahoo? What's that? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
So basically, iPhone is the most searched term in a search engine that is used by only 5% of internet users who probably still use a fax machine as their main means of communication... nice.
@Boinng, this IS Yahoo... so yes, those results sound about right... hahahahahaha... I'm surprised "what is email?" isn't on that list.
[ This Message was edited by: jplacson on 2011-12-06 04:59 ]
gola12 years, 5 months ago
I'm surprised that people use search engines other than Google...

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