Broad Manufacturer Agreement Gives Universal Phone Cable Green Light

22 September 2007 by masseur
The OMTP today announced that following industry consultation a recommendation paper has been agreed to help pave the way for a single, universal cross manufacturer USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable connector that enables mobile consumers to connect and charge their mobile devices
mini USB vs micro USB
Ratified and promoted by OMTP operator members (including Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, LG, and Nokia) with support from the USB Implementers Forum, this latest recommendation represents a significant step towards standardising common cable connectors resulting in obvious consumer and environmental benefits.
With UK consumers changing their handset on average twice a year, through contract upgrades or personal choice, there are literally hundreds of millions of chargers and data cables in circulation. On top of that, there a huge number of different peripherals such as headsets for voice calls, car kits, data cables, etc. – many with different physical connectors. This fragmentation creates unnecessary cost for the whole value chain, creates clutter and limits the freedom of selection for end user, and restricts competition by creating barriers of market entry.
The OMTP’s paper recommends that the micro USB (Universal Serial Bus) standard is used across mobile devices. USB is the de facto standard for the PC industry and it is a technology understood by consumers. Reaching mobile industry agreement on USB will help streamline the whole value chain and provide end users with a larger choice of the most popular peripherals. The customer will also be able to use their legacy home entertainment and PC equipment, as well as creating a new market opportunity for peripheral vendors.
One manufacturer that played a pivotal role in pursuing the agreement was OMTP member Nokia. Markku Verkama, Director of Portfolio Planning at Nokia Technology Platforms explains: “The OMTP’s work to bring consensus for what is such a simple yet significant recommendation will have wide reaching benefit. With the reduction of cables needed for mobile data connectivity, we can further enhance user experiences in our devices while reducing the burden to the environment.”
“The USB-IF was first to recognise a clear market need for a universal data and charging mechanism for devices. USB offers consumers ease-of-use and a plug-and-play experience making it the most ubiquitous interconnect technology in the world,” said Jeff Ravencraft, USB-IF president. “We’re pleased to see OMTP support the USB technology as the standard for connectivity in the mobile space.”
Tim Raby, Managing Director OMTP commented, “OMTP members are keen to pursue the single cable connectivity development due to its multiple benefits. We see these recommendations as a clear and demonstrable example of the work we are doing to make the mobile experience less confusing, less complicated and easier for consumers.”

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On 1 Oct 18:20 UsmanSaeed wrote
This is a good step for IT Developers. They can easly transmit and share data between devices. This also good for mobile industry.
On 28 Sep 14:40 sensibleone wrote
It seems a strange comment to say goodbye to SE because of this new standard. The point is, from now ALL manufacturers will use this standard, so why would it be a reason to stop using a particular manufacturer? The writer is obviously using SE at the moment. If not, then how could they say goodbye to SE?
On 25 Sep 14:02 DeLa wrote
@ txmrolf : it is an industry-wide agreement, they picked a Nokia person to comment, which seems obvious as they are the market leader
I don't see why that would mean 'bye bye SE'?
On 25 Sep 03:27 Cambodia wrote
Yes, erotomaniac. I prefer that chargers & data connector becoming an options while we buy a new mobile. Great green solution!
On 24 Sep 21:13 txmrolf wrote
Good news!.. and yet had to be Nokia to set the standard... they are really focusing on the customer... there is no more talk... my next phone will be a Nokia. Bye bye SE!!
On 24 Sep 13:31 HOLLAND wrote
no mini is bigger in size compared to micro.
yet the nokia 6300 & 6800 and motorola v8 already use this connecter
On 24 Sep 04:46 Life wrote
I think this is a great move. your children, your wife and yourself can use different phones but have one car charger. Please start soon!
On 23 Sep 08:57 Foxhunter wrote
Is mini usb the same as micro usb...? I thought it was yet another new standard that everybody have agreed to use...
On 23 Sep 07:21 ypwbi5s wrote
We can already see mini USB in some phones :-) ..
On 23 Sep 03:55 baine wrote
That'd be one of the disadvantages.. Nevertheless, it's good. Hope that they implement it soon.
On 22 Sep 14:17 erotomaniac wrote
Nice. This plus the Universal Flash Storage they're planning will be sweet for all of us. We'd start having phone packages without chargers. :)

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