Giorgio Armani and Samsung join forces to create luxury mobile phones

26 September 2007 by
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• Samsung 4G LTE
• Samsung Ativ S
• Samsung Champ Neo Duos GT-C3262
• Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus
• Samsung Galaxy Beam
• Samsung Galaxy Fame
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• Samsung Galaxy Grand GT-I9080
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Giorgio Armani and Samsung today unveiled the new Giorgio Armani-Samsung luxury mobile. Giorgio Armani presented the new mobile phone at a press briefing in his Armani/Teatro in Milan before his Spring Summer 2008 Women's fashion show.

The Giorgio Armani-Samsung Mobile will meet the needs of those who aspire to own a technologically advanced and beautifully designed telephone with which to communicate and complete their lifestyle.

Through a new strategic alliance, starting with the Giorgio Armani-Samsung luxury mobile phone, the two companies plan to launch an innovative range of portable and home consumer electronics products as part of the Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani and Armani/Casa lifestyles, founded on the combination of Giorgio Armani's iconic design aesthetic and Samsung's cutting edge technology.    

Giorgio Armani, President and Chief Executive Officer of Giorgio Armani S.p.A. said:
"Today fashion has expanded to encompass our way of life, not just how we dress, but how we design our home, the hotels we stay in, the car we drive and the technology we buy.  In fact, we make as much of a personal statement with the mobile phones that we carry or the televisions we have in our living rooms as we do with the shoes and bags we wear or the furnishings we chose to place in our homes. These are all lifestyle decisions, where design and performance are the criteria. Samsung has successfully anticipated the growing role for consumer electronics in our lives, while recognising the importance of self-expression in the development of its products."

Samsung ArmaniGeesung Choi, President of Samsung Electronics said: "Today's mobile phone manufacturers no longer just sell mobile phones, but sell more than the product itself – a slice of life and culture. We truly believe that our approach with Giorgio Armani is one step closer to our customers to enrich their lives with sophisticated style and cutting-edge technology."

He added, "This is a groundbreaking collaboration between one of world's most influential designers and an electronics leader. Samsung's innovative technology and Giorgio Armani's established iconic design philosophy are a perfect match as exemplified by the state-of-the-art Giorgio Armani-Samsung mobile phone."

The Giorgio Armani-Samsung Mobile

For the first time Giorgio Armani's signature elegance and simplicity is applied to mobile phone design. A large 2.6-inch QVGA TFT LCD screen maximizes the user's visual experience and optimizes the full touch-screen user interface (UI). Along with the outer appearance of the phone, the graphical user interface (GUI) and audio user interface (AUI) also reflect Giorgio Armani's modern simplicity. By adapting a haptical UI, users can feel an immediate mild vibration when they touch icons on the display.  Being the size of a credit card and a mere 9.9 mm in thickness, the Giorgio Armani-Samsung Phone fits sensuously into a user's palm.

Despite its compactness, the phone is loaded with the latest powerful multi-media features. It is equipped with a 3-megapixel camera, a music player supporting various types of music formats and a full internet browser. Furthermore, the Giorgio Armani-Samsung Mobile offers a microSD type external memory slot and comes with a Bluetooth stereo headset.

A specially designed Giorgio Armani leather carrying case is also included for protection.

The new mobile phone will be available at Giorgio Armani's flagship stores and selected mobile phone shops in major European countries from November 2007.

  • GPRS/ EDGE Tri-Band (900/1800/1900)
  • 3 Megapixel camera
  • 2.6" QVGA TFT LCD (262K Colors) display
  • H.263, AAC+/MP3/WMA, MPEG4, AAC, e-AAC+
  • Bluetooth 2.0 / USB 2.0 high-speed/  MTP 2.0
  • Mobile Printing (BPP, PictBridge)
  • micro SD external memory slot
  • Bluetooth Stereo Headset (A2DP)
  • Full Touch Screen & Touch UI
  • Size: 87.5 x 54.5 x 10.5 mm / 85g
  • 880mAh battery

Samsung Armani

Samsung Armani

On 21 Oct 17:40 MadFerret wrote
Heinous phone, I wouldn't pay 1 cent for that. You call this luxury? No autofocus, ugly UI and form factor, and a $950 price tag... no thanks.
On 16 Oct 15:49 gege wrote
looks like a matchbox
On 16 Oct 11:11 haha wrote
Nokia ????
SE is the best, SE is not as old as Nokia BUT it still kill's Nokia for every side
On 12 Oct 03:53 Bee wrote
Everyone knows that NOKIA is still the LEADER IN MOBILE TECHNOLOGY until TODAY!!!!... so shut yo' TRAPPPPP!!!
On 11 Oct 15:44 wrote
On 9 Oct 01:02 alireza wrote
this mobile is fantastic
On 5 Oct 03:11 PE wrote
RE txmrolf.
I hate to pop your balloon, but if i'm not mistaken, i do believe that sony tv's are in fact made by Samsung.......sorry!!
On 3 Oct 16:57 txmrolf wrote
Common guys!
Have you heard of Sony TV's?... or Ericsson mobiles or switches?

Sony - Ericsson !!!... they were the first to join venture... they DO need the co-branding to survive... and let me tell you... Ericsson gave up their Modem (great and reliable) Sony gave their design. Both gave us their shitty and unreliable software.

On 2 Oct 10:24 Fran wrote
love to have that!!!
On 2 Oct 04:58 OD wrote
Samsung build quality phones....Giorgio Armani design stunning clothes, it's all win, win, win!!!!!!!
On 29 Sep 09:36 DeeDee wrote
iPhone copy cat
On 28 Sep 05:28 mode wrote
Other phone manufacturers need established branding entities to further strengthen their own branding. SE doesn't have the need for this since they already have Cybershot, Walkman, Bravia and Playstation at their disposal. Go figure.
On 27 Sep 14:36 ali wrote
main tum say pura ittifaq karta hon. tum nay bohat acchay comments pass kiyay hain.
On 27 Sep 12:26 ali wrote
samsung ko band ho jana chahea itne bukwas set mut nikalo ma mer jao ullo ka patho kuch i-mate wallo sa sekho
On 27 Sep 11:33 AD wrote
I think it would look a whole lot better without the logo, as the article speaks of "Giorgio Armaniís established iconic design philosophy" there is bo need to cheapen the design with the brand name. After all, do the suits have it plastered across the front? This was the main thing to put me off the Prada, and it does nothing to attract me to this either.
On 27 Sep 10:36 Holland wrote
samsung done it with E760 and E740, both phones got a vibra function when menu options are selected
On 27 Sep 09:41 James wrote
That's hideous.
On 27 Sep 08:41 celladdictblogblogsp wrote
Actually this phone has a very nice UI, you can view the video presentation during the launch at my blog...
On 27 Sep 04:45 PE wrote
I think you are all corporate back slapping saddo's!!!!!!
On 26 Sep 22:44 SloopJohnB wrote
Sony Ericsson = bad built-in quality, cheap plastic, squeaky edges and fragile and faulty joysticks
Armani = go back to suits, your mobile sucks
On 26 Sep 20:59 cokker wrote
Looks like a better quality Prada (I had a play with a Prada, what a load of @?£$%&!*).

SE - Volvo (too much ericsson lol) / Honda?
On 26 Sep 18:13 PeterKay wrote
SonyEricsson = Quality.

No need for others to join.
On 26 Sep 17:23 DR wrote
Sony Ericsson - Oxfam
On 26 Sep 16:01 decoy7 wrote
looks like they've just copied the LG Prada.
On 26 Sep 15:59 Fred wrote
SonyEricsson - SonyEricsson

They do not need co-branding partnership to imagine luxury phone ;)
On 26 Sep 14:52 Prom1 wrote
I actually like the design of this. Glad it didn't turn out hiddeous. However Giorgio & Samsung should've thought of adding quad-band GPRS/EDGE to this for larger market appeal. Giorgio "does" have a store in Beverly Hills, CA no?!

The touch vibration haptics is really nice idea - something I pray will not be unique to just this phone.
On 26 Sep 14:40 skylineR35 wrote
Nokia - Vertu
LG - Prada
Motorola - Ferrari

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