The Personal Carbon Calculator on Your Mobile

9 July 2007 by axxxr
A personal carbon calculator is one of the winning projects of the BSI Sustainability Design Awards 2007.

Andreas Zachariah, a student graduating with an MA in Industrial Design Engineering and the first accepted to study at the Royal College of Art (RCA) with an MBA, is one of this year’s winners of BSI’s Sustainability Design Awards 2007 for his “Carbon Hero™” personal carbon calculator.

Carbon Hero calculates the exact carbon footprint of the user’s transport habits by identifying different forms of transport taken as a user travels through ‘space’, by virtue of their relative location, velocity and the pattern of their activity.  All of this comes in a unit the size of a key ring.

Once gathered, the data is downloaded to software on a PC or mobile phone which displays the amount of carbon used and the amount of credits needed to be purchased in order to offset the amount used.

Andreas comments “In an age where consumers are making purchasing decisions based on their environmental impact there’s no reason why they shouldn’t make the same choice about transport, be it public or private, on a daily basis. Online methods for calculating personal carbon footprints fall down on the fact that they rely on the use to estimate usage.  Carbon Hero™ uses sophisticated sensors to pinpoint usage thus giving a much more accurate assessment of the user’s impact on the environment”.

With the availability of detailed information provided by Carbon Hero, the user can choose to change their transport habits to reduce their impact on the environment, or offset usage through carefully selected projects. source:bsi-global

Carbon Calculator

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On 21 Jul 21:26 Noticer wrote
The keypad is like nokia n95 slider phone bt still it looks good
On 11 Jul 11:22 AndreasZ wrote
Hey..thx for the posting. The gathered data from the snsor is bluetoothed to the mobile and processed for live info. You can see today vs. yesterday, last week etc....And as it happens its already been implemented in a phone itself and has been designed to be downloaded. More to come. Beta testing will be underway by early autumn/late summer.
Thx again for posting.
Carbon Hero-Making small steps add up to big ones
On 11 Jul 01:30 o3 wrote
To chris. Why would you want a green phone? surely the standard black or gaphite coloured ones are far more tasteful?
On 9 Jul 20:59 pat wrote
good !!!!!!!!!!!
On 9 Jul 19:00 chris wrote
this sort of thing needs to be implemented into the phone itself, something like a 'green phone' or a download.

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