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New Sony Vaio U series

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Posted by masseur
as a big fan of Vaio I like the look of this


Sony VAIO U-Series Notebook Combines Power of Full-size PC with Portability of PDA

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 9, 2004 _ At a shade over 1 pound, Sony's new VAIO® U Ultra Portable PC, announced today, has the heart of a PC but the soul of an entertainer.

Doubling as a portable media player, this "pocketable" PC allows you to download entertainment content and enjoy it virtually anywhere you go. Integrated 802.11 b/g wireless LAN connects you to thousands of hotspots across the country and helps you stay in touch with the Internet, email and your favorite digital content download services.

Multiple input modes contribute to the PC's extreme versatility. Using the stylus and virtual keyboard on the unit's touch panel screen, you can compose email messages or navigate files even while standing up. Handwriting recognition software simplifies note-taking or annotating documents. Users can also quickly launch programs or execute common commands with thumb-controlled action buttons, or draft longer text files with the included foldout keyboard.

"The U-Series expands the usability of portable PCs beyond the realm of even the lightest traditional notebooks," said Mike Abary, general manager of VAIO PC marketing for Sony Electronics' IT Products Division. "It fits a full-fledged Windows® operating system, Intel® processor and all the entertainment capabilities that make it a Sony, into a `go-anywhere' package that's smaller than a paperback novel."

The unit's 5-inch display with XBRITE™ LCD technology brings movies and photos to life with crisp, high-contrast playback. Memory Stick® and Compact Flash media slots make it easy to import files or digital photos from a variety of digital still cameras. With intuitive thumb controls, users can change the display orientation on the fly, from landscape to portrait mode and back, for optimal viewing of virtually any content.

Whatever, Wherever

Included accessories make the PC even more effective in a variety of different environments. The inner-ear headphones and remote control make digital music and movies a joy whether you're on a plane or on the run. The mobile AC adapter, foldout keyboard and VGA/Ethernet adapter combine for an ideal road package. At home, the port replicator facilitates charging while connecting the PC to a variety of external devices such as a mouse, display, hard drive and/or optical drive.

An Intel® Ultra Low Voltage Pentium® M processor and Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional operating system ensure that the power and the platform for general computing tasks exist on the VAIO U notebook. And exclusive applications, such as SonicStage® software, allow users to take maximum control of their digital content, reinforcing Sony's commitment to entertainment.

The VAIO U Ultra Portable notebook will be available next month at SonyStyle stores and other select retailers, as well as online at www.sonystyle.com for about $2,000.

Posted by scotsboyuk

People can say what they like about Sony, but when they produce things like that it makes one realise why one pays that little bit more.

Posted by methylated_spirit
I've always been a Sony fan. The above product is a prime example of why they are world leaders.

Posted by Atlis
That Sony thingy looks really cool!

Posted by masseur
I have to agree. my whole family have vaio computers and most of our home electronics, cameras etc seem to be Sony too. I don't go looking for particular brands but when it comes down to buying decision time Sony always seems to be the best choice

Posted by scotsboyuk

That's Sony Style for you.

Posted by riflogic
I agree. Everything (electronics) I seem to have SONY written on them! Again, I don't prejudge what I will buy just by looking at the brand, but somehow, I always seem to end up with a SONY.

Posted by axxxr
Full Review with pictures here

Posted by masseur
Expansys now have the U750P (20GB, P-M 1.1GHz, 512MB, WiFi
) in stock for Ł1,499.95

Posted by amnesia
@ methylated_spirit

World Leaders?
I know they're popular in the US and UK.

Not in the Middle East, 100% NOT in Japan...

Posted by The_Nashy

Sony are the biggest, and best brand in the world. Their domination will continue into the future.

The only brand that comes slightly close is Panasonic, and they are way behind.

Posted by jontyf
I read in a magazine that you needed to import that?
Looks amazing though!

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