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From the forum:

Will Apple now sue BlackBerry over its iPhone copy?

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Posted by julias
Blackberry's British boss has refused to admit its new Z10 handset looks just like an iPhone - amid growing speculation the firm could face legal action from Apple.Blackberry Europe managing director Stephen Bates repeatedly refused to answer questions about the similarity during a bizarre radio interview in which he ignored repeated requests to address the issue.
Now technology experts are suggesting Apple could sue if it sees a drop in sales as a result of people switching to the Z10 or choosing a BlackBerry instead of an iPhone.Mr Bates was asked: 'What have you learnt from Apple?' six times during a Radio 5 interview, but each time refused to address the question before the interviewer gave up, saying 'you're clearly not answering'.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sc[....]s-just-same.html#ixzz2JaoG1Jx3

Posted by admad
Seriously? The thing on the right is some kind of remote controller while the left one looks a bit like a phone, that's it.

Posted by MyP910
What !!!! .... It doesn't look like iphone at all. Far from it.

Posted by randomuser
I don't see the similarity either

Posted by chunkybeats
looks nothing like an iphone, actually I see it more of a threat than anything, especially with that new OS!!! Good luck BB your brave and I like that!!!

Posted by Ranjith
at gunpoint i might find some similarity.

Posted by julias
But remember folks we may not see the similarities but Apple will no doubt look at this BB very differently they love law suites and are not afraid to challenge or take on anyone when protecting their precious iDevices.

Posted by etaab
The difference in quality is so obvious. The iPhone is sleek and sexy and obviously high quality.

The Blackberry looks cheap and nasty, tiny screen in proportion to its size, too many joining lines. Not a bad phone but poor in comparison.

Apple dont have a case imo.

Posted by randomuser
It may look cheap in comparison to an IP5, but it's at least 10 times more premium than Samsung devices. IMO it's a MUCH better looking and premium built than GS3, and I'm sure almost everyone will agree with me
[ This Message was edited by: randomuser on 2013-02-02 03:44 ]

Posted by etaab
Well thankfully that isnt the case, as illustrated by multi millions of happy Samsung owners. If that were true, there wouldnt be a single company capable of stopping Apple dominating the market.

I would prefer the iPhone 5 over the Blackberry, but im thankful that isnt the case.

Posted by Miss UK
The casing doesn't look nothing like a iPhone
I'd say it looks more like a Motorola

The OS looks similar to Android !

Posted by Bonovox

Here we go again Look,if Apple try to sue BB over this then they are stupid. All that is similar is the curves and so what loads of phones have curves. Since when did Apple invent curved edges?? The BB has no home key,the earpiece and front camera are different as are the sides and back. Am sorry but if Apple does this then they are digging their grave.

Material things don't matter,but Rock n Roll does!!!!

Sony Xperia T
[ This Message was edited by: Sean72 on 2013-02-03 19:18 ]

Posted by Supa_Fly

I have to agree. I like iOS and it has served me, for the most part quite well over the last 1.5yrs.

Do we really even need another lawsuit type thread like this?! Really? I detest these news so much that even the conversations begin to revolve on verbatim of previous events/threads. Similarities stop right at the big brazen logo "BlackBerry" on the front. I'm not sure how some would say "it looks cheap" - if not seen in person (I haven't yet), but reviewers on large tech sites (bgr/verge/etc) state its build is solid even for use of non metal parts in the Z10, the Q10 does have a black metal ring like the 9900).

oh well been there done that - looking forward to the z10.

Posted by etaab
I handled the phone in black and white variations yesterday in CPW. Its much larger than it looks in pictures.

It did feel cheap and not very well built. To me anyway. I didnt like the leather back one bit.

Posted by Bonovox
I played with one in Phones4U yesterday too. I couldn't get the screen to react. Anyway it was so well strapped to the wall I couldn't get a feel of how it felt. I actually prefer the Q10 with the keyboard with that 3.1 inch 720x720 screen

Posted by DSF
Hah, the front of bb z10 looks similar to the back of black iphone 5

Posted by Bonovox
No it doesn't

Posted by Miss UK

Posted by Bonovox

I see nothing similar blind man oh shock horror the camera and flash is in the same place WOW time to sue
[ This Message was edited by: Sean72 on 2013-02-04 16:26 ]

Posted by DSF
Well, there is a similarity in terms of design. Look at the black bands that separate the aluminium on IP5. And now make abstraction of display, earpiece, camera on both.

PS: I myself do not consider this blackberry a copycat, just wanted to point that seeing front of this BB reminded me of the back of IP5. No need to make me blind if you can't see a similarity (even little) between 2 objects. How ironic..
[ This Message was edited by: DSF on 2013-02-05 13:05 ]

Posted by etaab
It does look a bit like it yeah.

But like i said last time, my opinion is the phone is cheap feeling. The UI looks nice if a little dull and not animated. It seems very clunky when compared to Android and moreso Windows.

Posted by Miss UK
I think it looks similar to the HTC which is in thew news part of this forum.

Posted by fbloise

On 2013-02-21 05:21:48, Miss UK wrote:
I think it looks similar to the HTC which is in thew news part of this forum.

I think exactly the same

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