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RIM could be forced into Windows Phone 8 deal

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Posted by tranced
Following RIMís dire Q1 2013 results, sources have revealed that a late switch to Windows Phone 8 is being seriously considered as an option, reports Reuters. In addition to announcing a record $518 million loss during its conference call, the company also announced that its comeback OS, BlackBerry 10 has been delayed yet again, now into 2013. RIMís Board is said to be under pressure to come up with an alternative solution CEO Thorsten Heins plan to stay on its current course.


Posted by razec
Why Windows Phone 8 when there's android? I don't understand what's wrong with siding with the light side when BlackBerry OS for playbook has been designed to allow easy porting of Android apps to the platform.

Posted by skblakee
I am with you Razec. They might as well give in to the light side, forget the dark side. It would give them instant access to 600,000 apps, broaden their appeal from RIM/BB only costumers and potentially capture many android fans. That alone would probably give them a few percentage increase in market share and help them get back on their feet. Windows is relatively small.

Anyway, I am hoping that Samsung or Google buys all or part of the company, scoop up the patents, take BBM and put it on android and sell the handset arm. If none of those two do it someone else will.

Posted by Bonovox
I think some manufacturers don't like to be seen as jumping on the typical band wagon. They wanna be different rather than see sense and make money through Android. Am sure RIM will be popular through Android just like so many want Nokia to go the same route.

Posted by chunkybeats
If RIM do this,. it could pull off. Why? There are so many OEMS in Android and really it's a very tight market, with windows 8 it's only Nokia and Samsung to deal with at first and it pulls off could be a good thing for RIM

Posted by Tsepz_GP
No, this is not right.

What they should do is license out BIS/BES Services to Apple, Google and Microsoft, and moneytize on all 3 ecosystems, whilest also building QWERTY based BBs for the enterprise market.

Posted by Geezay
I don't see why they can't go with Android AND Windows 8? Samsung and HTC are currently doing that, even though their focus has been more on Android for obvious reasons (like ability to differentiate products through hardware and UI skins)?

If they REALLY want BB10, they could keep that too, and announce it when it's good and ready. It could remain a niche Enterprise Solution while the real money will be coming from Android devices. Samsung also have their own OS Bada in addition to being in with Windows Phone and Android.

Why does it have to be EITHER OR?

Posted by razec
As much as I would agree with you @Chunkybeats, but the problem is if RIM goes the WP route they're going through a path where their phones will be much less distinct with products from other OEMs. there's hardly any major differences between nokia lumias and competing HTC/Samsung products, and WP8 don't seem to give OEMs more freedom to think of something dissimilar. but in Android they can use whatever they had in their disposal to differentiate themselves from others. they have their robust email/messaging platform that made them very popular for business use and I think they can't port that natively to a WP8 OS just as they could possibly do with Android. I'll be happy to be corrected if I'm very much mistaken with this.

Posted by chunkybeats
@razec very good point there, as bb is very distinctive and for the business heads it is number one, I agree there is nothing better than typing on a QWERTY keyboard than a touchscreen, the worst culprit for that being the iphone, it is not an ideal work phone, I have a 4s for work and I hate typing into the bloody thing! I use my xperia for emailing now as it's swype is heaps better!

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