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Blackberry Messenger coming to iPhone & Android

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Posted by acton
Even though Iíve used a Blackberry for years, I never gotten around to purchase Blackberry service on it. So I never used the Blackberry Messenger. BB users keep telling me how awesome it is and how different that normal IM/texting. Now itís coming to iPhone & Android. Wonít take away the exclusivity of it to BB users? Or am I on a wrong train of thought?

Posted by Toney_Ericsson
Isn't the app for the iPhone and Android called Whatsapp? It's good there's some cross platform going on.

Posted by ernesthelmer
I have heared that it will be available sometime next year for iphone but probably earlier for android.
I think we should just wait and hear..
RIM knows what will happen if they do.. maybe they're on something good instead..

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