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The All New Sony Ericsson Portfolio for 2008

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Posted by goldenface
Wasn't around as long as v1 from what I can remember.

Posted by Mizzle
Interesting, don't you think?

Posted by goldenface
So its been over a year since the latest version which means v4 is due anytime?

Edit: What version is on the X1? Or is that a WM specific version.

[ This Message was edited by: goldenface on 2008-09-30 16:30 ]

Posted by Mizzle
That sounds likely, wouldn't you agree?

Posted by goldenface
Sure, if thats their timetable. The W910i, K850i etc was announced last Summer.

Now I'm wondering what version the C905 / G705 has.

Posted by Mizzle

They're both based on v3.

Posted by razec
@mizz, i bet rika will use walkman 4

Posted by Zuckabaecka
why is v4 better than v3......that's more interessting

Posted by Mizzle

Seriously doubt you'll win that bet.

Posted by NightBlade
Wow, I wonder how v4 will look like. I mean, v3's already quite astounding - easily the best music player on the cell phone market.

Posted by domipost
Yeah, v3 is already great, but I allso think they will come with v4 soon...

Posted by crossmatched
bigger display window for the album art in v4 perhaps? (minor improvement)

Posted by breccia

Posted by goldenface
Hey, thanks for posting. Probably looks good in the flesh. Looks like it has taken its styling cues from the new Vaio TT

Posted by darknoob
look too similar to G705

[ This Message was edited by: darknoob on 2008-09-30 22:03 ]

Posted by NightBlade
Hey, that's the old walkman flash theme from the W550! I love that one!

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
God I love that VAIO TT. If only I were rich...

Posted by nikolat

On 2008-09-30 23:03:12, darknoob wrote:
look too similar to G705

[ This Message was edited by: darknoob on 2008-09-30 22:03 ]

Copy + paste + re-paint and tada!

Posted by ramintop
looks so ugly and messy, where is simplicity?!

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
I don't mind the front (screen and d-pad area), but I really dislike the rest of the phone. I dunno, I never liked the G705 and this is identical pretty much. Too square, too much going on, too tacky. Plus I really hate the look of the keypad. Haha I'm so negative.

I like the colours. There's some positivity for ya.

Posted by Phoner
New unverified rumors:


[ This Message was edited by: Phoner on 2008-10-01 09:55 ]

Posted by SE cz
Oh, it doesn't look like true rumour for me .....

All about Sony Ericsson CZ (alias se-cz.com)

Beauty is relative...

[ This Message was edited by: SE cz on 2008-10-01 13:21 ]

Posted by goldenface
I don't know what to think of this rumour however I have read in a few places that they have a few 'surprising' things up their sleeves for release next year.

Posted by fredde.
Written by the trustful source Eomer on MR (About the 12 mpx phone):

"It's 3430 and it's awful that someone has leaked about the device so early."

Posted by laurenke01

On 2008-10-01 14:21:07, SE cz wrote:
Oh, it doesn't look like true rumour for me .....

I have a feeling it is true. Eomer at M-R confirmed its existence by saying what a shame it was that someone leaked it so early. He also corrected the article saying it's a TI 3430. (ETA: Touche to the poster above me)

I've became sort of cynical about SE rumors ever since the Paris disaster, but this phone has the potential to be great assuming it isn't canceled or something. S60 is a huge plus in my opinion. And people have been talking about third-gen TI chips forever and nothing's materialized until now.

Even if this phone isn't released or doesn't exist--something like it surely does. There must be a C905 successor next year and it can only build upon what the C905 already has, and a 10+ MP camera phone is surely the answer.

[ This Message was edited by: laurenke01 on 2008-10-01 14:12 ]

[ This Message was edited by: laurenke01 on 2008-10-01 14:12 ]

Posted by >500
id say its more than likely that the c905 successor is already in development

Posted by ares
S60 is a huge plus in my opinion

except the part IT SUCKS...but then, its normal in tech world for this to happen...the worse stuff to become the standard...lets hope SE at least uses UIQ engineers to make a decent UI for their version of s60 touch

[ This Message was edited by: ares on 2008-10-01 14:39 ]

[ This Message was edited by: ares on 2008-10-01 14:47 ]

Posted by laurenke01

On 2008-10-01 15:37:30, ares wrote:
except the part IT SUCKS...

Yes, except that would be an opinion similar to my opinion that it's great. I'm not going to apologize for liking something you do not.

And if you read the article you'd see that it says it will have a "iPhone-like" interface, so only the OS architecture will be S60 while all the visual elements will likely be in-house SE design.

This whole pro-SE/anti-Nokia or anti-SE/pro-Nokia dichotomy really annoys me. Am I the only person in the world who loves both?

Posted by ares
i did not say you weren´t entitled to your opinion...
also, you find many symbian experts saying UIQ was the most refined solution...

in this blog you can find a series articles from a symbian dev, that clearly show why many think UIQ was the better solution


i´m just sad SE had to f... it all

P1i + M24gb + hbh ds970

[ This Message was edited by: ares on 2008-10-01 14:52 ]

Posted by Tigershark42

Sounds like it.

I care less and less these days about what is rumoured. The stuff thats announced still isn't even in the shops! The cameras are getting good enough, so are the music players and general multimedia support, so as long as you go for a smartphone OS you can probably keep the phone up to date anyway on the software side. Besides, as mentioned above, the Paris cancellation gives us an idea of how fickle these rumours are anyway, and how they come and go. Alot of us are here wanting more from a mobile, so the X1 comes along, and suddenly alot of them can't afford that though. LOL!

Posted by Hiron
Whitepaper states that omap 3430 supports camera up to 12MP...

Did anyone know another phone that has omap 3430? Since it's 2 years old platform...


Posted by my ninja
long live paris, woot ... does anyone care that SE effectively pulled out of the smartphone race this year and outsourced it to some other company?

i mean the X1 has garnered MUCH more of my attention after the video on unwired showed how fast the interface has become ...

by the time the keyboard is slid out all the way the screen has changed, and vice versa, pretty impressive.

Posted by makbil
I'm tired of waiting for something decent from SE that never comes. At least for next year I will be using my new HTC Tytn II (and P1 to some extent since I have twin SIM cards).
If SE is still around and some things have changed perhaps I will consider SE again, otherwise it looks like my more than 5 years with UIQ/3 has finally come to an end, no thanks to SE's brilliant (!) efforts.

Posted by crossmatched
Its weird a leakage like that (about korkura) has come out considering SE's tighter security on infos bout upcoming handsets.
If korkura will be the next SE bombshell in MWC '09, SE in all aspects should gave guarded infos concerning it. Am sure SE wants another Xperia-like show stealing surprise in MWC '09.
Imo, that korkura leak is so premature. And somewhat dubious.

Posted by Pop Lover

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Man I love the button layout and colour scheme on this thing. I think they could have done better than to base it on the K770i on A1 though. I mean, they are trying to impress people right? A2 is far more impressive.

Posted by Pop Lover
another color for T700
Pink one!


Posted by Muhammad-Oli
I think that's the red. It's just a faded/badly lit/taken with a
k850i picture.

Posted by Pop Lover
Full image

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Ok fiiine...

Posted by Pop Lover

On 2008-10-02 02:14:35, Muhammad-Oli wrote:
Ok fiiine...

Posted by iqtidar

On 2008-10-02 02:12:17, Pop Lover wrote:
Full image

i would hit the one on the most left(the one holding xperia)

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
All but the two on the right and the fella look nice.

Posted by goldenface
My god! I think they could all do with a sausage or two. I've seen more meat on a butcher's apron.

Can someone tell me what this is?

Edit: fake as hell

[ This Message was edited by: goldenface on 2008-10-02 10:13 ]

Posted by n3o

any more info on this!?!?

Posted by goldenface
Yes, its one of many high-end devices SE has planned for 2009. Its such a blatant leak, it almost takes the fun out of it.

Posted by dr.W

On 2008-10-02 10:24:32, goldenface wrote:
My god! I think they could all do with a sausage or two. I've seen more meat on a butcher's apron.

Can someone tell me what this is?

Edit: fake as hell

[ This Message was edited by: goldenface on 2008-10-02 10:13 ]

I have to admit, I thought you were going to go in a completely different direction with the sausage comment

Posted by bider
Some new concepts on UIQ website! Niiice


Posted by Phoner
If these concepts exist only as much as flash animations then that is sad. I wonder why UIQ is putting them on their website now. Again, maybe for future use in Motorola phones.

Posted by goldenface
If motorola and not SE devices received animations such as these it would be really sad as the animations look really cool.

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