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Hello and welcome to the 2008 thread of rumoured Sony Ericsson accessories and devices.

Here you will find information on upcoming announcement dates, spy-pics of upcoming devices and accessories and the usual information that was found in the ever popular 2007 thread.
It must be stressed that any information found in this thread, unless otherwise stated, is unofficial and it really should only be seen as a one-stop-shop for rumours that are currently circulating around the internet. Wherever possible I will try to state the source of the information, however if the source is not stated then it will be because it cannot be revealed.
I will be posting info as and when it arrives but for now I would just like wish Shaliron the best of luck and I hope the new 2008 rumours thread proves to be a popular as the last one.

The information here is split into categories. Click on the link to be beamed right there:
  • Latest Updates - go
  • Spy-shot Links - go
  • Upcoming Announcement Dates - go
  • Walkman Handsets - go
  • Cybershot Handsets - go
  • Smartphones - go
  • Emotional Design - go
  • Generic handsets - go
  • Japanese - go
  • Accessories - go
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Latest Update

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10th November
The All New Sony Ericsson Portfolio for 2008 thread has now closed. Futher updates can be found in the 2009 Rumour thread which can be found here.
3rd November Next announcement date is this coming Thursday 6th November.
31st October Both phones and accessories are being lined for an imminent announcement, rumoured to be early November. The MBS-900 seen in the wild - an advanced A2DP music player with touch controls.
23rd October The Hikaru project seems to be back on track although when the device will see the light of day is anyone's guess right now. KDDI expected to announce the W64S on 27th October. NTTDocomo expected to announced the SO907i on 4th November. Possible Global announcement around this time.
22nd October Final announcement of the year will be early-mid November.
20th October Cellphonesail has released new information on the next Walkman and other information regarding some of next years handsets. See the Walkman section and the 2009 Rumours section below and page 1130 of this thread for the discussion. SE expected to make an announcement at this weeks Smartphone Show.
16th October News reaches me that Sony Ericsson will no longer be making handsets for Japanese NTTDocomo. Images of the W64s found. See the spy-section for the link.
13th October Specs of 'Fillipa' the new 5.0MP Cyber-shot have appeared. See the Cyber-shot section. A new low-end Walkman (W305?) version of the F305 - codenamed Yao - is in the pipeline, featuring a glossy finish. See the Spy-shot section for images of the new 3.2MP Cyber-shot - Kate.
8th October Fillipa is said to be the codename of the new 5.0MP Cyber-shot which is currently in development. A non Cyber-shot 8.0MP is being lined up for 2009. Still no definite date for this October's announcement. A patent has been found which was filed by SEMCJ and which a Japanese blogger has linked to the unannounced SO907i. See page 1118 of this thread for images and link.
5th October Cellphonesail has discovered more shots regarding a new 5.0MP Cyber-shot. Details in the Cyber-shot section and link in the spy section.
4th October Matts Lindoff has put Sony Ericsson fans' minds at rest by promising "really high-end Xperia devices" next year. Symbian Foundation will be the OS. Read scotsboyuk's article over at USEB.
30th September Cellphonesail has uncovered spy pics of a red version of Rika or the unannounced W705. See the spysection for the thread link. According to a report over at Telecoms Korea, SE won't be producing an Android device until at least Q32009.
26th September A new Sony Ericsson audio system is in development apparently. It could be seen before the end of the year. See page 1105 of this thread for more details.
24th September Mobile blog CellPhoneSail has uncovered spy pictures of a new slim 5.0MP Cybershot said to be called Kate. Link in the Spy section and details in the Cyber-shot section. News from the media event in Lund. After a SE chief announced that there were no plans to launch an Android based device anytime soon, rumours are circulating that the X2 might also be Windows Mobile based. See Page 1103 of this thread for the links. A range of ladies Bluetooth watches revealed today. Next announcement rumoured to take place in October.
22nd September Announcement is expected to take place during or following this weeks media event at SE Lund which begins tomorrow.
21st September Some Information on the next Xperia device can be found in the smartphone section.
18th September Pictures of an unannounced Walkman slider have materialised courtesy of USEB, possibly the Walkman version of the G705. Details in the Walkman section and link to the spypic in the spypic section of course. See announcement section for news.
17th September The 2009 Portfolio will see the introduction of devices with BTv2.1. See the 2009 rumours section for details. Also, rumours have surfaced that suggest Sony Ericsson could be the manufacturer of a second Android handset. See page 1086 of this thread.
12th September The appearance of hi-res spypics of the phone codenamed Alicia (said to be the W707 Walkman clamshell) has caused some to question if this was indeed cancelled or not. Link in the spypics section.
9th September G705 and G705u announced today. See the announced phones section for the link. From the same announcement, more YouTube compatible devices are in the pipeline. Also, rumour has it that SE will soon be offering an unlimited download music service.
5th September Walkman version of the G705 will be on the shelves before the end of 2008 and will feature 4GB internal storage and Wi-Fi. New pictures of the G705 have appeared. See the generic section for the link.
4th September Next announcement on Monday 8th September according to USEB.
3rd September The IPD-100 photo frame is due for announcement soon.
1st September Information regarding the next announcement can be found in the upcoming announcements section.
29th August Walkman version of the unannounced G705 has the codename of Rika though when this will be announced is not known at this stage.
13th August Russian president Pavel Zentrich offers his thoughts for 2009 in an interview over at See miscellaneous section.
11th August September set to be the next announcemment in which we will see the last UIQ device and possibly the G705.
9th August Bravia phones to be seen outside Japan. See the miscellaneous section for details.
6th August Word on the streets is that there will be an announcement August 7th with at least one device announced - the black and silver T700 or Remi as it might be better known as. Also, SEMCJ are working on a lot of phones destined for the EU, be alert for devices with Japanese codenames.
4th August James Bond Special Edition C902 announced today.
1st August Possible revealing of a new handset on Monday 4th. Officially or unofficially no-one knows but as always, will keep you posted.
30th July Some more details have emerged surrounding the device they call 'Hikaro'. See smartphone section for details.
30th July Rumour has it that a non qwerty Xperia device certainly appear this year to join the X1.
29th July First pictures or the new G705 slider have appeared. Pictures in the spy section and some specs in the Generic section.
28th July Next announcement is in around two weeks according to some sources although exact date TBC at this stage. Willl post info as and when.
24th July Interesting details have emerged regarding the specs of Hikaro. Details in the Smartphone section.
22nd July Three new handsets announced today. Details and links to their respective threads in the announced phones section.
21st July Word has reached me of a 10.0MP Cyber-shot which is in the pipeline for this year. No more details at this stage but will update as and when then information arrives.
17th July Three phones now known to be announced on the 22nd July. These will be the W302, W585/W595 and W902.
16th July Alicia, an upcoming clamshell Walkman handset, is said to be indexed as the W707.
12th July Hi Res pictures of the white / red version of Linda have appeared. Details in the spy section. More details have leaked about Hecaro - see the smartphone section. Further pictures have surfaced of 'Remi' and the new W302. See the spy section.
11th July Another picture of the Patty, has appeared. This is said to be the W902. Pic in the spy section.
9th JulyAnother picture of Linda as appeared. See the spy section. Tuesday 22nd July look like being the next announcement date.
8th July First picture of Patty has appeared. See spy section.
4th July Next announcement will be towards the end of this month, possibly the 22nd or after. First spypics of an upcoming Walkman (W595) device posted. See the Spypic section.
1st July A 2.4" screened, DLNA certified, UIQ based device is planned for this months announcement. The announcement date is yet to be confirmed.
30th June First picture of the 'new' T610 has appeared. Link in the spy section and more details in the Misc section.
28th June Rumour has it that a remake of the much loved T610 is in the pipeline. Details in the Miscellaneous section.
27th June A Flagship 16GB touch music device, to join the Imaging Flagship C905, will appear before the end of the year. See the Walkman section
25th June Information has appeared regarding a new Walkman 3.0 Slider codenamed Linda. Featuring a 3.2MP Fixed Cam, its said to be 'beautiful'.
23rd June There is rumoured to be an announcement regarding SE, Moto and UIQ tomorrow. No further details at this stage although it is said to be 'Surprising'.
20th June A new t-mobile branded clamshell destined for the US has been spotted. Details in the spyshot section. There are murmurings of a new handset - to replace the possibly cancelled 'Paris'. Very little info on this right now but it is said to be Paris but with a HW upgrade and goes by the name of Hecaro!.
17th June Five new handsets announced this morning. Links in the announced phones section.
16th June Rumours has it that the phones by the codename 'Beibei' and 'Paris' will not appear at tomorrows announcement and may have been postponed or even cancelled. Good news is that the C905 imaging flagship, F302 low end gaming and C302 low end cameraphone will appear. Pics of all in the spy section. Official SE site pages have been discovered suggesting not only the existence of the G702 but also a device by the name of P10. See the bottom of page 780 of this thread.
12th June F305 seems to be the name of the new mid-tier gaming phone pencilled in for announcement on the 17th. A Walkman clamshell has been spotted - details in the spy-section.
11th June Shiho - Sony Ericssons new imaging flagship - Images and specifications have leaked on se-nse . (great specs they are too). Link in the spy section. A motion gaming handset is to appear soon also.
9th June Patty, Beibei, Shiho, a low end Cyber-shot and Paris have all been confirmed for announcement on the 17th by members here on Esato. Kumiko and another device by the name of Alicia have been penned in for announcement later on in 2008.
5th June Kumiko is a device rumoured to possess both great imaging and music-playing qualities. Whether it will be Walkman or Cyber-shot branded is not known at this stage. A new low end device has been spotted - possibly for imminent announcement. Details in the spy-shot section.
30th May A phone with motion sensor gaming capability is rumoured for September. Details in the MISC section.
29th May. 17th June confirmed as the next announcement date. Video of Paris in action has appeared. Link in the spy section.
23nd May. The G900, G700, C902 and C702 now available in some locations.
22nd May. The handset we know as Beibei is now known to be officially called the G702. Link in the spy section. A video of a possible upcoming music offering from Sony Ericsson has been unearthed over on More details in the Walkman section.
21st May. CommunicAsia from Tues 17th to Fri 20th June likely to see the appearance of some new devices - Paris included. Link in the announcements section.
19th May. 27th May now known to be the date for the announcement of the SO906i - possibly part of a greater global announcement. Further rumours of high-end hardware appearing before the end of 2008.
16th May. At last it looks like the 'P5' looks likely to be officially named the P200. Shiho rumoured to boast an 8MP camera.
8th May. More hi-res pictures of the phone they call Paris have appeared. Still no official name for this device. Link in the spyshot section.
1st May. Sources have revealed more info on the device mentioned previously. Patti - Slim, Candybar, Walkman with HSDPA, A300 (yes really!), 8GB M2 card included, 5MP, AF, photoflash. To be released sooner rather than later.
24th April. Two phones announced in the past couple of days, links in the announced phones section of this post. Rumour has it that a high-end Walkman device is soon to be announced that will also feature a good high quality camera. This device goes by the codename Patti.
21st April. Announcement of the Z780i and G502 rumoured to take place on the same day as SE's quarterly results - on the 23rd April. First full body shots of the new G502 seen. Link in the spy section.
20th April. G502 rumoured to be the name for the phone we currently know as codenamed Emelie.
19th April. More pictures of Beibei have appeared on Chinese site Looks to be quite slim. Links the Spypics section.
17th April. Word on the streets is that both 'Paris' and 'Beibei' will come pre-installed with the EA game SSX 3.
15th April. First pictures of the new Z780i found. Details in the spy section of this post.
14th April.A shot of 'Beibei' has been unearthed sporting UiQ3.3. Link in the spy section.
11th April. Further pics of 'Paris' have appeared. Links in the spyshot section.
10th April. First 'official' spy shot of Paris (P3i) revealed. See the spy section for the link.
9th April Further spy pics of the device they are calling 'Paris' (said to be called P3i) have appeared. Link in the spypic section.
8th April Further information regarding upcoming new devices for NTTDoCoMo can be found in the Japanese section. The new SE model designation key has been added to the bottom of this post to help determine the positioning of upcoming devices. Also, spy pics and information concerning an upcoming device by the name of Emelie is now circulating. More in the spypics section of this post.
3rd April The phone heralding the beginning of the 'Storm' has been found at last. More details in the Spyshot section.
31st March The Z780i rumoured to be launched today or tomorrow for CTIA wireless.
26th March The revealing date of the SO906i is planned for 20th May although this date is tentative at this stage. More G-series devices are set to be announced for 2008 along with more high-end additions to SE's portfolio.
20th March Information has appeared regarding a A2 clamshell with the codename B123i which features QVGA screen and Netfront browser. 20th July will give us the launch of the W780i on Vodafone live - a brand new model according to sources here on Esato.
18th March Paris - the new P1i - is rumoured to have a 5MP camera in a slider form-factor which will also feature HSDPA and incorporate a touch based interface. A W780i - said to be a Voda exclusive handset - will be available by July. Also, further information regarding 'Shiho' (the new imaging flagship) is in the Cyber-shot section of this guide.
4th MarchT303 announced today. Link in the announced phones section.
24th February A new compact slider spotted. Details in the spyshot section.
21th February The SO906i is in the pipeline. Details in the Japanese section.
19th February Rumours of further announcements around CeBit on the 4th March are surfacing now circulating with the appearance of the so call 'P5i as well a Walkman handset codenamed beibei.
10th February A raft of new handsets announced in Barcelona. Links to the discussions at the bottom of the page.
07th February The latest rumours swirling around 3GSM are that two all new handsets - the G700i and G900i - will be announced, kicking off a whole new range of phones for Sony Ericsson. (G900i - Similar size to w960i. Normal keypad. D-pad similar to the w910i and may also have K850i touch buttons. 5.0MP with LED Flash.) Also, more rumours of the K850i successor materialising at this event are also circulating.
24th January Four new handsets announced today. Links in the Announced phones section.
21th January The two rumoured phones soon to be announced by AU KDDI have been spotted. A new non-Japanese cameraphone spotted although it is unclear if this is 3.2MP or 5.0. Links are in the spypics section. The T270i and T280i rumoured to appear this week during an event in India. Based on the T250i, one of the versions wil be minus a camera. The black/silver K850i pictured in the Spyshots section has been confirmed to exist on the K850i white paper. Pictured
17th January
It has been reported that Sony Ericsson has moved to acquire and protect the Xperia brand name, which it will apply to high-end, multi-function devices. Right now it remains unclear whether this sub-branding will be applied to an all new range of top-flight devices or additional to the current high-end smartphone range, e.g. "P5i Xperia". source.
11th January
Global announcement rumoured to take place on 24th January.
10th January
An upcoming K850i facelift does have much in common with the Japanese SO905iCS - a 5.0MP slider with optical zoom and GPS.
8th January
Announcement of three new phones. Details are in the announcements section.
4th January
Confirmation received that Sony Ericsson will be exhibiting at CES Las Vegas. Possible introduction of new models.
02nd January 2008
Further rumours for a January announcement of 2 Walkman phones - 6th January seems likely at this stage.
13th December
2-3 UIQ TS phones are lined up for release, although the index is uncertain as of now. A slim clamshell has also been confirmed for January announcement although we are unsure if this will be called Z660i.
11th December
Z660i - Codename Becky. New ultra-slim clamshell approximately 14mm thick with a 2.0MP Cam, 3G and new A200/JP-8.
8th December
Two Japanese phones to be announced in January 2008 - both for AU KDDI. The W62s is a Cyber-shot handset, we can assume it'll be 5.0MP. The W61s is a Walkman phone with lighting effects, CDMA EVDO Rev.A plus GSM and a WVGA screen. Availability around springtime.
3rd December
Possible music phone announcement at CES 2008 1st week of January, both the W880i and W810i were announced around this time in 2007 and 2006 respectively. Also, Vodacom SA, partially owned by Vodafone are testing Magdelena. No more details at this stage.
15th November
The p5i is to feature unknown TI @ 520 MHz processor instead of a TI OMAP 2420 @ 332 MHz and also a GPS module.
14th November
The P5i announcement has been put back. The reason for this is last minute changes being made to the hardware of the device.
10th November 2007
There is unlikely to be an announcement on the 15th of this month. The November 6th announcement was the final one for 2007.
6th November 2007
Official annoucement due from 18:00hrs GMT in which we could see the W380i, W890i and K660i.
1st November 2007
The latest phones for NTTDoCoMo are now featured on the SEMCJ site. (Individual links for each are listed in the Japanese section.)
30th October 2007
According to a Swedish Magazine M3 Digital World the 6th day of November has been generating a buzz. On this date "New Walkman phones and new strategies in the entertainment area..." will be revealed.
29 October 2007
Sources are indicating that 3 smartphones will be announced soon..
  • The iPhone competitor, so to speak, is codenamed Maria, and the focus will be on media features as well as ease of use and a good, solid user interface.
  • The last smartphone to be unveiled is a mid-to-low-end smartphone, that most likely, is going to be named P600. It won't feature any 'great' features - preferably a QVGA touch screen and a simple 2 megapixel camera.
  • The ultra high-end smartphone has been known by the name P3i, but this will not be the final product name. P3i will be a smartphone that simply has everything, and it will possibly run UIQ 4.0 - definitely not UIQ 3.0, so either 3.2 or a completely new version. P3i will have a great screen and pretty much all features - this will be a direct hit at Nokias N95 8GB and E90.

20th October 2007
  • Something for next years accessory portfolio is the MBS-100 (Bluetooth-Loudspeaker) ball-shaped in a bigger version.
  • There will be successors for the MDS-70 and MDS-80 - equipped with a 6,5" Subwoofer and two built-in loudspeakers.
  • There'll also be an innovation concerning the imaging hardware.
  • The beginning of 2008 SE will be focused on expanding their accessories portfolio..
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Spy-shot links

  • W64s spied. See here.
  • For images of Kate, the new 3.2MP Cyber-shot see here.
  • New 5.0MP Cyber-shot - Fillipa. See here.
  • Rika in red (W705). See here.
  • W705 pic? See here.
  • New W707 pics. See Here.
  • The G705 has been spotted. see here
  • More pictures of 'Remi' (T610 rep) and a new W302. See here.
  • Patty, a black candybar Walkman with good imaging, spotted. See here and here.
  • Linda, a red & white upcoming Walkman slider has been spotted. See here and here. See Linda's backside here and Hi Res pics here.
  • The all new T610 has been posted courtesy of USEB. See here.
  • A new clamshell spotted destined for the US. It is blessed with the name TM506 and can be viewed right here.
  • F302 and C302 gaming and imaging phones spotted. Seehere.
  • Alicia has been spotted. External multi-function display is featured on this Walkman clamshell - see here.
  • Specs and images of Shiho have leaked. See here.
  • A new low end device has been spotted, see here.
  • Video of Sony Ericsson promotional video of Paris has leaked. See here.
  • FCC pictures of the new G702 have appeared. Specs seem to put it down as as improved G700. link.
  • Hi res pics of Paris have appeared. See here.
  • First full look at G502, due to be announced April 23rd. See here.
  • Further spypics of Beibei have appeared. See here.
  • Spypics of the new Z780i now available. See here.
  • Beibei and its UI spotted - link. More shots of UIQ3.3 at JUSTAMP.
  • Further revealing of the 'Paris'. See the latest spy shots..
  • A spypic of an upcoming G series phone have been released over at Unofficial SE Blog. USEB. See here and click the link in the relevant post for further info.
  • The much anticipated 'P3'(or Paris as the codename goes) has been spotted in the wild. See here
  • A new compact, may be generic, slider has been spotted. (S**) pictured.
  • A new Z3** pictured.
  • "BeiBei" pictured.
  • W61s and W62s. pictured.
  • All new Cyber-shot 5.0MP cameraphone.pictured.
  • Black Z660i spottedpictured.
  • Black/Silver K850i pictured.
  • K660i pictured
  • Maria's New Touchscreen UI - pictured
  • The All New SO905iCS - pictured
  • The All New SO905i - pictured
  • W890i in Black - pictured
  • W880i sized Walkman with 3.2MP (W890i) - pictured.
  • Another W880i sized White Walkman handset - pictured at JAMPB
  • K850i type casing (although branding looks PS's on) - pictured
  • 1.3MP Walkman clamshell with external music controls - pictured at JAMPB
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Upcoming Announcement Dates

Next announcement is Thursday 6th November.
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Walkman® Handsets

  • A Walkman version of the G705 is to be announced soon and be seen in 2009. Among features to be seen on this phone are Chat view for messaging, tweaks to the Walkman 3 player, Walkmate, Wi-Fi, 4GB M2, HPM-77 and Clear Audio.
  • The replacement for the W960i will feature, among other things, 16GB internal memory as well as a memory card slot for further expansion.
  • In an interview for UK mobile phone site mobiletoday MD John Harber has alluded to the yet to be announce flagship Walkman for 2008. This device could appear in time for the launch of SE's new PlayNow music and video download service in Autumntime. The device will feature, amongst other things, a large touch display and 16GB of memory. More details to follow.
  • A video has surfaced showing a possible new music offering from Sony Ericsson. The video is said to be around 2 years old and shows a device with an dual-slide form factor. More details over on
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Cyber-shot® Handsets

  • Kate, a new 3.2MP candybar will be announced soon featuring advanced imaging, namely Smile-shutter, face-detection and Photofix.
  • A new 5.0MP Cyber-shot has been spotted over oncellphonesail - this is said to have the codename of Fillipa. The phone looks similar to the K770i but with a front similar to the more recent C902. Specs for this device are rumoured to include Java Platform 8.4, Smile Shutter and Xenon Flash, Active Lens Cover, M2, Imaging Shortcorts, TV-out and Photofix. According to Mizzle over at USEBlog, the official revealing of this device is said take place in October, along with other mid to high-end devices. Kate is the name of a 3.2MP, 3G Cyber-shot currently in development.
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  • New! The secret device they call Hikaro is now known to have been redesigned further and now has a new codename, although what its new codename is is also secret.
  • There is speculation that the X2 might indeed be another WM based device after a Sony Ericsson chief stated that there were no plans to launch an Android based device anytime soon. According to an article at, the second, yet to be announced, Xperia candybar will make an appearance late 2008 and be on the shelves early 2009.
  • Hikaro is the name of a device which was to replace the ill-fated Paris. The latest information on this devices specs: A slider with 8GB, an 8.0MP Cam, Wifi and GPS, HSDPA and HSUPA. The device is said to be in the form of a full touch-screen with no D-pad, however, it will possbly feature a slide out qwerty and will run the latest version of UIQ.
  • The existence of a device by the name of the P10 have been confirmed by the discovery of official SE webpages, the kind normally primed just before an announcement. No information on this device is in circulation as we speak.
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Emotional Design

  • Premium slider
    Competitor to Nokia's 8xxx series. To be released in 2008.
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  • A new G Series slider had been leaked. Named G705 running Java A200, screen seems to be around 2.4 " and is said to posess GPS, wLAN and a 3.2MP Fixed Focus Camera. The codename for this device is Tattiana and more pictures of this device can be found on Iva's blog here
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New! New pictures of the upcoming W64s clamshell from Sony Ericsson have appeared. This features a WVGA screen, slim profile and chrome finishing.

Not a lot of information appearing regarding SEMCJ as a reorganisation is currently taking place however, it is known that Sony Ericsson Japan is currently working on further devices destined for the EU market - the latest example being the C905.

Just a quick update on the latest device for the Japanese market. The SO906i that was mentioned earlier is the next to be released clamshell for NTTDocomo. There is also a SO906iμ - although what the significance of the 'μ' is is not known at this stage. What IS significant about this device is that this is a FOMA Stick (or Candybar form-factor) with a WQVGA screen!!!

There is also planned an even higher version of the SO906i which will be an update of the SO905iCS and is to have an even larger screen as well as lots of software & multimedia tweaking.

The SO906i is already in development. Expect Bravia styling similar to the SO903iTV), a
3.1", 480x864 pixel screen featuring Bravia technology with 16.8M colours. Equipped with a 5.1MP CMOS AF camera and boasting
a MicroSDHC/M2 slot and One Seg Mobile TV.


  • A digital picture frame is said to be announced soon. This is thought to be BT operated and has the designation IDP -100
  • Among the rumoured accesories in the pipeline include an entry level bluetooth car speakerphone - HCB105; an updated, a sports and a car handsfree version of the GPS enabler; A Wifi Enabler (plugging into the fastport); and the usual complement of handsfrees and headsets.
  • An optical zoom kit for nearly all Sony Ericsson devices to enhance the cam capabilities.
  • A protective case/box for the phone with extra battery, loudspeakers, and torch combined in one box.
  • A handlebar bracket for the handle bar to transport the phone while riding a bike.
  • Rotating Desk Stand
    A rotating desk stand to take advantage of new phones' accelerometers, i.e. watch movies horizontally.
  • Upgraded MMV-220
    A more powerful version of the MMV-220.
  • GPS handsfree
    Another handsfree integrated with GPS.
  • GPS bluetooth watch
    Eldar stated that the size of the MWB-100 is because "its a reserve for the future release of a watch model armed with GPS-receiver". Nice.
  • MBS-100 variant
    A larger version of the MBS-100.
  • MDS-70 successor
    It will have a 6.5" subwoofer and stereo speakers.

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  • New! Norika
  • Kumiko
  • Kate
  • Fillipa

Full list of Sony Ericsson Codenames - here
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Russian president Pavel Zentrich offers his thoughts in an interview over at See here.

New Sony Ericsson India president has mentioned that they will soon be leveraging the Sony brand Bravia on forthcoming handsets in order to boost market share. See here.

The spirit of the legendary T610 will live on in a new model that is in the pipeline. This phone has the codename Remi and it will be aimed upper mid-tier and feature a 3.2MP camera. The T610 was Iconic, it will be a hard act to follow so expect a 'statement' from the design and thickness around the 10-11mm mark.

A handset by the name of the F305 is soon to be announced (June 17th). This will be a mid-range gaming phone that will feature a 'games console'.

A phone with motion sensor gaming capability is rumoured to appear in September after Pocket Lint reported that Sony Ericsson has signed a deal with Californian company Gesturetek to bring th technology to mobile phones. The technology has previously been in action with the Sony iToy device which was used on the PS2.
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  • A gaming orientated phone will be released with a dedicated graphics chip in 2008. It will have dedicated gaming buttons and motion sensors.
  • Sony Ericsson is working on mobiles that will conform to the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) which is an alliance between major corporations (such as Sony, Microsoft and Nokia) which will allow seamless integration between different devices, eg. watching videos from your computer on your mobile phone or TV.
    The method in which this could be applied to mobiles is through sharing of videos, i.e. one mobile can watch the video content of another mobile. And just as a side note, because all the major mobile companies are part of the DLNA, this will mean that they are also working on phones supporting DLNA, meaning that all mobiles will be able to interact seamlessly.
  • The M series will continue to have QWERTY keypads.
  • The joint venture with Sagem could result in some new technologies being acquired by Sony Ericsson, eg. internal DVB-H antenna.
  • High quality LCD screens to be used in SE phones sooner rather than later. Will be ahead of the competition.
  • A new camera module is in development with better colour reproduction.
  • Sony Ericsson will move towards Windows Mobile, with a phone running Windows Mobile to be out by the second half of 2008. This will probably be alongside their UIQ phones.
  • Integrated graphics chips to be incorporated with the launch of gaming orientated mobiles (to be released in 2008).
  • Continuing support for both M2 and MicroSD.
  • 2008 mid range will still be based on the non-smartphone A100 platform.
  • A couple of phones (music orientated) will have 3.5mm headphone jacks on the actual body of the mobile - music orientated meaning Walkman branded mobiles.
  • The K850 style touch sensitive softkeys will be further incorporated into the portfolio. They will eventually move into the mid range.
  • Japanese phones will soon have wide-VGA screens which will be accompanied by a new UI.
  • A multimedia centric phone, possibly Maria, will sport an interface similar to the PSP-style Media interfaces on the K850 and W910.

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6th November
9th September
  • G705 / G705u announced -Thread Available

7th August
  • T700 announced - Thread Available

22nd July
  • W902 announced - Thread Available
  • W595 announced - Thread Available
  • W302 announced - Thread Available

17th June
  • C905 announced - Thread Available
  • F305 announced - Thread Available
  • S302 announced - Thread Available
  • K330 and J132 announced - Thread Available

23rd April
  • Z780i (T707) announced - Thread Available
  • G502 announced - ThreadAvailable

4th March
  • T303 announced - Thread Available

10th February
  • X1 Xperia - (venus) Thread Available
  • G700 - (Josephine) / G900 - Thread Available
  • W980i - (Alona) ThreadAvailable
  • C702 / C902 - ThreadAvailable
  • Z770 - Thread. Available

24th January
7th January

  • W350 - (Johanna)Thread Available
  • W760i - (Deena)ThreadAvailable
  • Z555i - (Magdalena)Thread. Available

6th November
  • K660i - (Lena) Thread. Available
  • W890i - (Akiko) Thread. Available
  • W380i - Thread. Available

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2009 Rumours has posted specifications for an upcoming Walkman handset for 2009. They include:
- Slider form-factor
- Compact metal-housing
- WLAN, 2,6″ Display
- 8.1-Mp camera with AF
- Facedetection, photo-flash, video QVGA 30 fps
- Walkman player 4.0
- 3.5mm jack
- Stereospeakers
- Extra player keys

According to info posted below, most of the high-end devices are to appear in the second half of next year.

Imaging handsets for next year include:
Yue - compact Cyber-shot ; Marketing Position:about K550
Frances - Slider Cyber-shot ; Marketing Position:about Filippa
Athena - Bar Snapshot phone ; Marketing Position: about An
Plus there will be new tripod accessory next year

Hi-ends that are said to appear next year include:
1. UIQ X labeled touch screen; 8MP; H2 2009
2. W900 like form factor; 8MP or more; H2 2009
3. Xperia X2; Google Android; 5MP; Q3 2009
4. Xperia X3; WinMob 7; Q4 2009
5. W9XX, Walkman 4; Q2 2009

Certain devices for next year to also include BTv2.1. This version of bluetooth features Near Field Communication or NFC. This will enable functionality such as the pairing of bluetooth devices just by laying them next to each other.

A 2009 device will feature a 10.0MP lens for Cybershot and other phones with the limit being capped around this size. From then on SE will concentrate on the quality of the optics, introducing optical zoom and other enhancements.

From a recent announcement by the President of Sony Ericsson India, Bravia branded phones will be seen outside of Japan and, coupled with the fact that SEMCJ are working on a lot of phones for the EU and the fact that Mobile TV services are soon to take off in Europe this is looking increasing likely. Expect handsets with WVGA 16million colours and Bravia technology.

SEMCBlog has published three new codenames for devices to be announced early 2009. No further information at this stage but the names are Miranda, Yue and Athena.

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Image hosting courtesy of imageshack
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Good luck!

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Posted: 2007-10-20 13:52
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Great, the new tread is open!

Wish you good luck, Goldenface.

Does anyone have an list of what is rumoured to be announced on the 15th of November?
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Good luck goldenface, may all the good rumors come true!!
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Possible announcemnts for 2007
Maria-Touch screen Walkman
w890i-W880i Suceesor
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It's good to see that the all new sony ericsson portfolio for 2008 is up and running already with a few rumors. Anyway, good look with this years thread Goldenface
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Cheers guys.

I'll be prodding and poking around for as much info as I can to keep it as entertaining as possible.

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hey i was wondering, how did shaliron make the front page for 2007 thread so fancy like that?
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On 2007-10-20 14:11:28, QVGA wrote:
hey i was wondering, how did shaliron make the front page for 2007 thread so fancy like that?

Magic lol

Well, you could always click edit on the first post in his thread to see the code he has used, and mabey borrow it
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Ok, thanx arvunc. EDIT: Sorry, it was arunvc. Hard name

Yeah, i was wondering 2. Hope you can create someting like that 2, goldenface.

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Doesn't look too difficult, just getting your head around some basic BBCode.

As the thread grows I will be developing the first post accordingly with comprehensive links to the relevant info. Right now in the early stages there isn't much to link to, but I will try to make it as appealing as Shalirons.
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On 2007-10-20 14:24:39, goldenface wrote:
Doesn't look too difficult, just getting your head around some basic BBCode.

As the thread grows I will be developing the first post accordingly with comprehensive links to the relevant info. Right now in the early stages there isn't much to link to, but I will try to make it as appealing as Shalirons.

And HTML of course
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Of course.

Gaming mobile

  • A gaming orientated phone will be released with a dedicated graphics chip in 2008. It will have dedicated gaming buttons and motion sensors. It may be announced early to mid-February.

Taking into account the recent statement that there will be no PSP or Bravia phones for the UK, we can assume that this will not be Playstation branded.

Our very own sealover94 has created a Photoshop impression of the P3i based some info that is currently circulating.

If anyone remembers esato member deuxani's photoshops of Elena or the P1i as it now called, these can turn out to be quite accurate impressions.

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cant wait for more to come these already are nice..but the w890 softkeys-main keys area argh..not to my taste and
why does it have two side volume buttons?
little w880 rocker and the standard rocker like the k610 etc..
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• Also something for the next years portfolio is the MBS-100 (Bluetooth-Loudspeaker) ball-shaped in a bigger version.
• There will be successors for the MDS-70 and MDS-80 - equipped with a 6,5" Subwoofer and two built-in loudspeakers.
• There'll also be an innovation concerning the imaging hardware.

The beginning of 2008 SE will be focused on expanding their accessories portfolio.

Thanks m-one for that info.

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