T-Mobile introduces a new Windows Smartphone

3 February 2005 by axxxr
The T-Mobile MDA IV is the first Windows Mobile phone to offer Wi-fi, GPRS and UMTS.

T-mobile gets new, multi-functional communication terminal the "MDA IV" integrated as the first Windows mobile-based portable radio equipment W-LAN, GPRS and UMTS technology.

further highlights: E-Mail Push service, Bluetooth, editing keyboard, two cameras, Videophone and Windows mobile platform VGA screen with high resolution for optimal representation of InterNet sites and graphic data The mobile office of the future fits into a palm: On approximately 100 square centimeters the new "MDA IV" offers all conditions for comfortable working now with Microsoft Windows software of t-mobile on the way. As world-wide the first portable radio equipment the "mini laptop" integrates the portable radio technologies GPRS, UMTS and W-LAN and practically always and everywhere fast, wide-band data links - approximately makes the t-mobile possible customer thereby for the E-Mail dispatch, the Download of large files or for InterNet searches and access on the company-owned Intranet. T-mobile customers know the MDA IV world-wide in laws, since it supports the networks GSM 900.1800 and 1900 megahertz as a tri band equipment.

The editing keyboard supports the input of SMS, MMS or e-mail and VGA screen provides for an optimal representation from texts, pictures and InterNet sites.With this format the "InterNet in your pocket achieves ' a new quality. Further equipment highlights are two integrated cameras, loudspeakers and the Windows mobile operating system. In the hand turning the opened unfold VGA screen can be turned around the own axle, then within seconds a PDA with Touchscreen becomes a mini laptop. The MDA IV is presumably available starting from summer. "the MDA IV is a milestone,a Office into your pocket,"Martin Knauer, managing director marketing of t-mobile Germany. "on smallest area the equipment unites innovative portable radio technology, functionality and efficient software. Used in our Multimedia nets, the mini laptop is nearly as efficient as the PC on the job. Thus we come to meet the needs of our customers, who wish themselves on the way just as reliable media as in the office."

E-mails received and immediately answer, important documents fast dispatch, information from the firm net download or on the way at a presentation work - the MDA IV is not inferior to a PC in punkto efficiency. Thus the proven advantages of the Windows mobile platform can use t-mobile customer, for example Word, Excel, Outlook and the InterNet Explorer. But ensure among other things the 520 megahertz Intel processor, the integrated portable radio technologies GPRS, UMTS and W-LAN as well as the operating system of Windows mobile. The a choice into available in each case the fastest t-mobile net at the location takes place automatically. "the MDA IV is as mini laptop a consistent advancement and a high performance addition of our past MDA family. With 40 per cent market share is the marketing of the MDA family of t-mobile a success history, which gains a further highlight with the MDA IV ", so Martin Knauer further. Like the other MDA models the MDA IV offers comprehensive Office equipment. For the automatic receipt of e-mails the equipment supports the E-Mail Push service. Word and Excel files, which received the users for example as E-Mail of appendices, can be represented and worked on on the new large VGA display optimized; also PowerPoint and pdf files are indicated.

Pocket Outlook makes the administration possible of dates, contacts and tasks. For the synchronisation of the data with a PC the equipment possesses beside the USB also an Bluetooth interface. With the two inserted cameras photos and video sequences can Videophone be taken up and played in addition, are natural with the MDA IV. The optimized VGA screen makes the Videostreaming particularly comfortable. Integrated video and Musicplayer provided for high picture and clay/tone quality when playing Videostreams and music files. Due to its compact measures the MDA IV fits comfortably into nearly each vest pocket and as tri volume mini laptop it is suitable also as a travel companion for any foreign country.

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