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3 February 2005 by axxxr
Kodiak network announced kodiak simpower,Instantly enabling advance voice services on hundreds of GSM handsets.
Kodiak Networks, the leading provider of advanced wireless voice systems, today announced the availability of Kodiak SIMpower™, an innovative thin client which enables premium voice service functionality on existing GSM handsets. These advanced voice services (AVS) can be accessed directly from a mobile phone and include applications, such as Kodiak Voice Bridge - instant group conferencing, and Kodiak Voice Notes - instant voice messaging for individuals and groups.

Kodiak SIMpower leverages the overall applications, performance and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) interfaces of the Kodiak Real-Time Exchange™ (RTX) System. These applications include: Instant Availability - the capacity to see if a contact or group is available to receive a call, and Contact and Group Management - the ability to manage individuals and group names, directly from the handset. Kodiak SIMpower is interoperable with virtually any brand or model of GSM phone worldwide, including: Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Siemens, SONY/Ericsson, LG Electronics and others.

“Kodiak continues to deliver on its business strategy to provide advanced wireless voice services to the GSM carrier and subscriber community,” said Emma Mohr-McClune, Analyst, Wireless Services Europe, Current Analysis. “This handset enabling technology could significantly boost instant wireless voice service adoption.”

Kodiak SIMpower is based on Sun Microsystems Java Card™ technology and allows GSM operators to offer their subscribers valuable services that   increase revenue per minutes of use (MOU), boost overall average revenue per user (ARPU) and improve customer loyalty. From an end user perspective, GSM subscribers have the opportunity to experience the benefits of AVS applications without costly and inconvenient handset replacement. These applications and benefits include:
  • Kodiak Voice Bridge - Provides fast and easy setup of full-duplex, mobile conference calls with up to 30 wireless and landline participants. Business colleagues, social groups and families can instantly initiate or join a conference call--not possible until now.
  • Kodiak Voice Notes - Allows instant voice messaging from Kodiak-enabled phones to contacts/groups with wireless or landline phones. Subscribers use their GSM contact lists to quickly leave voicemail messages for individuals or members of a group without waiting to leave a message or ringing the recipient's phone.
  • Kodiak Instant Availability - Indicates real-time user availability to receive wireless calls. Availability states include “available”, “do not disturb”, and “offline”. This user-driven feature decreases “telephone tag” and ensures privacy when a recipient is in a meeting or away for the day.
  • Kodiak Quick Groups - Provides users with the ability to select members of their contact list to create a quick group call. Users can instantly reach their associates or friends to share news and updates.
  • Handset-Based Contact & Group Management - Allows subscribers to instantly create, modify and delete individual contacts, groups, and group members, directly on their handset.

“The advanced voice services delivered by Kodiak SIMpower demonstrate the power of applications that can be built on the Java Card™ platform for the GSM and 3G markets today,” said Peter Cattaneo, Director of Java Card Business, Sun Microsystems™. “With more than half a billion Java Card units deployed in wireless, Kodiak is addressing an extremely large market with its innovative solution to drive additional subscriber value.”

“With Kodiak SIMpower, wireless operators can offer innovative voice services that fulfill the growing end user demand for improved group and personal communications,” said Bruce Lawler, vice president of business strategy, Kodiak Networks. “Kodiak is committed to developing industry-leading applications for the global GSM market, which exceeds 1 billion customers today. By immediately enabling GSM phones with advanced voice service capability, we are delivering IMS capabilities to existing handsets today while conforming to emerging IMS standards for new networks,” Lawler added.

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