15% of all web traffic are from tablet and smartphone usage

8 March 2013 by
According to web usage numbers from Adobe, over 15% of all global web traffic is generated by tablets or smartphones

15% of global internet traffic comes from tablets and smartphones

15% of all global web traffic is generated by a tablet or smartphone. Another interesting fact about the data from the Adobe Digital Index is that tablet has now passed the smartphone as the preferred device for visiting a web site. Adobe further expect the current 8% tablet usage to increase to 10% by early 2014. Even though smartphone sales outpace tablet shipment with 5.25 to 1 (2009-2011 figures), number of smartphone visits to web sites are just 1.4 times higher than tablet visits. Adobe has counted over 100 billion visits to over 1000 web sites and 7% to those sites use the smartphone as the browsing device. There is more interesting facts over at the Adobe web site. In the UK, 12% of the users most likely to surf using a tablet compared to 7.4% on a smartphone. In the US, the weight is 9.1% for tablets and 7.4% for smartphones. Japan is the country with highest percentage of the visits using a smartphone. 9.2% uses smartphones in Japan compared to 7.4% on a tablet.

For our own sake, we can agree that tablet and smartphones are effective ways to browse for information. Statistics for Esato during the previous 30 days shows tell us that 24% of visitors to are reading using a tablet or smartphone. That excludes the dedicated mobile versions over at and

Tablet vs Smartphone web site visits - global growth

Do you agree with the findings by Adobe that "tablets are as effective as PCs for some type of visits"?


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Bonovox11 years, 3 months ago
That's not a surprise and it'll only get bigger

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