SpareOne with mobile phone which has a "sleep time" of 15 years

11 January 2012 by
Who wants a mobile phone which runs on any AA battery and has 10 hours talk time? The SpareOne Phone can do this in addition to keep the charge for 15 years

SpareOne mobile phone running on a single AA battery

An interesting question: How much does it cost to make an entry level mobile phone with just the basic phone features such as voice talk. It seems like that price is USD 49. That is the price for the SpareOne Phone by SpareOne. The price includes research and development cost, marketing, manufacturing cost, the cost of hardware components and of course licensing fees to all those companies who own telecom patents.

This is not a day-to-day phone, but is intended to be used as a emergency phone when your regular phone has lost its power or forgotten back home. Places where an extra mobile phone can be useful is in the car glove compartment, the yacht, the cabin. Anywhere you might forget your regular phone, but where it could be very useful to have spare phone. 

SpareOne says the phone will work with any AA battery, but a Energizer battery is recommended. That is not strange as the mother company of SpareOne also owns Energizer. The Energizer ultimate lithium batter is claimed ta have power left after 15 years without usage. The SpareOne company has managed to get a 10 hours talk time out the SpareOne phone. Imagine what the could a achieve if the SpareOne phone had room for 3 of those AA batteries. A stunning 30 hours of talktime!

The SpareOne phone will be sold in three different versions a GSM 850/1900 for parts of America, 3G model for Japan and a GSM 900/1800 model for the rest of the world. 

SpareOne mobile phone ready for use after 15 years


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GRTMan12 years, 6 months ago
What about all our old 'dumb' phones sitting unloved in our cupboards? Much cheaper; just need cahrging once a year.

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