Researchers working on Single-Pixel Camera

29 January 2007 by axxxr
Researchers in the US are developing a single-pixel camera to capture high-quality images without the expense of traditional digital photography.

Being developed by a lab at Rice University in Houston, Texas, the single-pixel camera is designed to tackle what its developers see as the "inefficiencies" of modern digital camera.

It currently resembles an old-fashioned pinhole camera and is the size of a suitcase, but assistant professor of electrical engineering Kevin Kelly told BBC World Service's Digital Planet programme that it is only "the beginning of things." "Hopefully it will get smaller," he said. source:BBC scif tech

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On 30 Jan 15:14 Craig wrote
Hey Nick, is Queer the only thing you can say about anything on this site?

On 30 Jan 14:19 silvester wrote
single pixel? how was that?
On 30 Jan 12:21 LLAMA wrote
you might want to read the linked BBC news article, ffs
On 30 Jan 11:20 Levo75 wrote
That's pretty useless :S
On 29 Jan 22:47 Nick wrote
Single pixel, QUEER
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On 29 Jan 21:42 antichrist wrote
single pixel camera? wtf?

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