Orange Launches “Unique Phone”: One Phone for Mobile and Home

26 September 2006 by axxxr
Orange today announced its first converged service "Unique phone", a single handset that offers all the benefits and convenience of a mobile phone, while offering unlimited calls to landlines and Orange mobiles when you are at home.

The phone will be available to Orange customers in the UK, France, the Netherlands, Spain and Poland. Each market will tailor its proposition to meet the specific needs of customers in that territory.

Unique phone combines the best of fixed and mobile within a single handset: one phone number, one address book, one answer phone and one bill from Orange.

At home,the mobile handset connects in WiFi mode to the Orange Livebox and calls are routed via the Internet, offering enhanced coverage inside the house.

Outside,Unique phone works just like a standard mobile, with calls routed via the mobile network.

Unique phone allows customers to move freely between the mobile and home networks without interrupting their conversation. A call made at home automatically switches over to the Orange mobile network when you leave the house. Furthermore, a call initiated at home remains covered by the unlimited offer even when you leave your home. A symbol on the phone's screen constantly informs customers of the network they are connected to.

Each home can have up to six Unique phones, with three people able to make calls or surf the net at the same time. Because it uses the Orange Livebox to route calls at home, Unique phone also offers customers enhanced coverage and faster access to Orange mobile data services including Orange World, picture and video messaging, mobile email and the mobile internet.

Unique phone customers will receive a single bill from Orange for all of the home's communications needs. They will also benefit from a dedicated customer helpline for registration and in-life queries. If a customer wishes, they can also book a visit from an engineer who will install Unique phone for them at minimal cost.

UK customers can pre-register for the service today by visiting Orange with first units available in November.Initially, there are three handsets to choose from the Motorola A910, Nokia 6136 and the Samsung P200 with more due to launch in 2007. 

On 27 Sep 12:10 Richard wrote
This system ars around in australia ages ago (now gone as it cost Orange too much $$$), having a CDMA handset that you 'triangulate' initially when your at home, so it knows what towers your using when as home, then goes to a mobile rate when in other areas, this was brilliant (the phone at the time was ok (an old LG) but it did the job and my 'home' area was a 5k radius (can make local calls while shopping - chat for hours :)
On 26 Sep 21:06 volvoman wrote
I am meant to be one of the people trialing this product, but Orange have delayed the start of the trial 4 times so far, and as yet i have not received the phone nor to my knowledge an update to my livebox for it. One thing I have noticed is that my broadband speed keeps droping out. If they want to get this up and running some time this year then they have a big job on their hands. Still just another Orange mess up but we have all come to expect this of Orange these days. Dont get your hopes up this will ever get off the ground.
On 26 Sep 18:41 awave wrote
back to make another comment.... - i've just looked at that page (orange's own 'uniquephone' page) and FROM £50 a month!!! somehow i don't think hardly anyone is going to be using this! this is another case where networks are over-charging for the service and stopping the mobile phone industry from moving on.

-|- awave
On 26 Sep 18:31 awave wrote
somehow this reminds me of a bluetooth phone thing, where a mobile goes through it and can use the landline to call numbers - anyone seen one....i can remember my dad having a prototype one a number of years back...

-|- awave

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