O2 Launches the Cocoon

17 June 2007 by axxxr
O2 UK has unveiled its new music-oriented Cocoon handset,The slinky white clamshell can store 500 songs using internal memory and an additional 500 songs using a 2GB micro SD card.

It also includes a new blue LED display that can be programmed to show time, ‘now playing’ information, caller ID and also displays the beginning of text messages as they arrive in the users inbox.

The O2 Cocoon music player is compatible with a wide range of file formats, enabling users to simply drag and drop their music collections onto their device and start listening. It also features FM radio with RDS functionality (displayed on the LED screen) for endless listening options.

O2 launched the device at the O2 venue in London (formerly The Millennium Dome) and revealed that Cocoon’s music credentials also extend to a ‘location aware’ feature that makes its wallpaper transform when visiting the site.

Cocoon also comprises a 2 mega pixel camera, QVGA screen and embedded pictures and videos from acts including Paolo Nutini, Ash and The Doors. Other content includes EA Air Hockey and demo versions of The Sims 2 and TetrisMania. The O2 Cocoon will be available from August for £300 on PAYG or Free on Contract. source:mobile-ent




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On 25 Jun 09:48 Rajjy wrote
Oh no, in the 2nd picture.. someones broken it in half!! I hope they've got insurance.

Ummmm..... you said "Coon". Thats racist.
On 19 Jun 13:48 james wrote
@qw: O2 is not connected with SE as far as I know.
On 18 Jun 14:14 H wrote
Cool, but don't like the buttons
On 18 Jun 12:10 EricsSon wrote
This is not slinky but stinky.
On 18 Jun 07:36 qw wrote
does o2 has any connection with sony or sonyericsson??
i mean is o2 owned by them.
On 18 Jun 04:34 Ranjith wrote
looks good...esp.the LED!

On 18 Jun 01:49 Southpark wrote

Nav-pad appears to be similar to be iPod-like!!!

WHY can't SE and the rest take a leaf from Apple?! Geez.... >.<
On 18 Jun 01:18 Rookwise wrote
O2 normally rebrand their handsets from another manufacturer (eg I Mate - XDA) Any idea where this one comes from ?
A non O2 branded version would be just the thing :D
On 17 Jun 23:26 UniqueTouch wrote
Im feeling this !
very simple and it looks nice! just a Handset to have if your into music
Wonder how the battery life will last
On 17 Jun 22:16 themarques wrote
Oh cool, they had a similar phone on AU in Japan...sold out like crazyyyyyy

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