Frustrated O2 customers waiting for Xperia Play release. Will be for sale in June

6 May 2011 by
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Customers of O2 in the UK are still waiting for the network operator to release the Xperia Play, five weeks after the availability of the generic version of the phone

White Sony Ericsson Xperia Play for O2

O2 said in a blog post this week that the Xperia Play will be available to its customers in June. That is 8 weeks after the generic version of the phone became available, and several weeks after Vodafone availablilty. The white Xperia Play will be available exclusively on O2 so we guess many customers are waiting for the release.

What is interesting here is the reason why the Xperia Play is delayed. O2 claims to have found bugs in the device and wanted to sort this out before it goes on sale. O2 will not install any O2 branded software on top of Android except for the wallpaper and internet settings, so the bugs they are complaining about should be found in all Xperia Play phones. O2 has worked close with Sony Ericsson to solve the issues and have received new software from Sony Ericsson. Stuart Hibberd, head of O2's testing team said this new software fixed a lot of bugs that would have stopped our customers having a great experience. This implies that mr Hibberd thinks users buying the generic version of Xperia Play do not have a great experience using the phone.

Other network operators has sold the Xperia Play for weeks, so they are either quicker in testing devices, did not find any bugs or they know about the bugs but still wants to sell the device.

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