Apple brand more valuable than Google brand according to research firm

9 May 2011 by
After four years of dominance, the Google brand is pushed down from first place being replaced by the Apple brand according to research firm

Apple brand

BrandZ is Millward Brown's list of the worlds top 100 most Valuable Global Brands. The 2011 edition of BrandZ claims Apple has passed Google as the most valuable brand in the World. Google has been number one in four years, but Apple is now the leading brand.

Apple had an impressive 84% increase in value compared to 2010. Google on the other hand decreased 2% since last year. BrandZ valuations are based partly on brand-equity tracking surveys and financial data from Bloomber and analyst reports.

In 2010, Nokia was number 43 on the list with a Brand Value of 14,866 ($M). Nokia is now number 81 with a reduction in Brand Value of 10,735 (-28%).

Other well know companies found on the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands are

1. Apple 153,285 (Brand Value in million) +84%
2. Google 111,498 -2%
5. Microsoft 78,243 2%
7. AT&T 69,916
9. China Mobile 57,326 9%
12. Vodafone 43,647 -2%
13. Verizon 42,828
19. Deuche Telecom 29,774
21. Movistar 27,249
25. BlackBerry 24,623 -20%
35. Facebook 19,012 246%
36. Orange 17,597
67. Samsung 12,160
74. O2 11,694
81. Nokia 10,735 -28%
85. Sony 10,443 19%
91. China Telecom 9,587
95. TIM 8,838 21%

Technology and telecom brands continue to grow as a portion of the list as Facebook joins in on number 35.

source, the top100 list (PDF)

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alaina8 years, 10 months ago
As the brand value of Apple is increasing, the Apple iPhone 4 and iPad are going out of stock. This shows the craze in people about the Apple's products. Apple with an increase of 84% in its brand value keeps at number one position, Nokia on the other hand has dropped drastically with a decrease of 28%. This may be due to the reason that it has not entered the world of cell phones as other companies like Samsung, Sony Ericsson and others have who have banged the market and left no stones unturned.

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