Limited Edition Red Motorola SLVR

15 May 2006 by axxxr
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Motorola has just announced a Red Version of its SLVR phone which is in aid of U2's frontman BONO's PRODUCT RED Campaign,A percentage of the profits of each red MOTO SLVR sold is contributed to The Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.

And it doesn't stop there, every time you use this red MOTOSLVRTM phone,a portion of your normal charges will be contributed to The Global Fund. Every call and every message counts. Just keep using it, and the contributions will keep flowing.

The new red MOTOSLVRTM is the essence of desire. Encased in a stunning red shell, it's also one of the lightest, slimmest phones ever made. And with an integrated MP3 player and a crystal-clear camera, and Push-to-Talk (PTT) that connects you to work groups and friends with supreme ease, it's the ultimate multi-media mobile too. Capture and view still and moving images, which come to life on the mobile's spacious color screen with up to 512 megabytes (MB) of TransFlashTM expandable memory.It's easy to store favorite multimedia files the possibilities are endless.

Available now in the U.K. For more information click here: If you want to buy the phone and do not live in the U.K., Click Here and sign up for the waiting list.


On 27 Jul 17:09 Hayden wrote
Nice phone. Why doesnt it have 3G? V3 has 3G!
On 8 Jul 17:23 tom wrote
its wiked and the culers call but can u actually download ure own music onto it
On 25 Jun 05:06 Aalex wrote
Damn the phone is beautiful! I WANT IT! KKNOW!
On 5 Jun 19:57 soph wrote
mi m8 says the red slvrs not made with the proper steel but i don't believe her i love it so much! I REALLY want it! it's well cute and mi fave colour!
On 29 May 20:47 katey wrote
it well good
On 29 May 20:46 rhys wrote
realease as a proper phone and not just for a charity please!!!!!!!!
On 28 May 08:46 george wrote
please release this phone i wanna buy it.
On 27 May 11:25 csr wrote
bleeeeeee ^^
On 22 May 20:12 BadruMozambique wrote
This celular is not god
On 21 May 16:50 Ben wrote
i wish the black one cam with the black suits it though =]
On 16 May 21:02 nelly6602 wrote
hahaha stop with those v3 motorola's -black, silver, pink all cuind of colors
On 15 May 20:49 Xugaa wrote
red seems so good on phones... like the k610.

though i'm a black fan me - PS3 and K800!
On 15 May 18:13 alex wrote
omg! what an ugly phone!!!
On 15 May 16:41 Manaf wrote
thats one beautiful color. in reality, any metallic color would suit the phone.

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