deeda Pi creates iphone lookalike

13 April 2007 by axxxr
Deeda is an unknown manufacturer that claims to have the “next generation of portable consumer multimedia devices".

"deeda Pi is the next generation of portable consumer multimedia devices that include multiple applications and Graphical User Interfaces for integrating entertainment, communication, organization, and internet capabilities all in one device. The deeda Pi not only has a high resolution proximity touch based screen, with a vibration touch feedback mechanism for realistic tactile response and detailed multimedia functions, but also has a unique operating system which integrates online with for automatically updating, uploading and sharing with your friends all your multimedia files in real-time. The world's first portable social networking devices connect you with your friends and family like never before. Welcome to the most advanced communication and entertainment devices in the world." source:ubergizmo deeda


On 14 Apr 18:43 Phoney wrote
If they really came up with it long before apple, shouldn't there be an FCC filing for the thing?
On 14 Apr 02:01 rambo47 wrote
Pretty funny that Steve Jobs waved one around a few months back yet the cloners are falling all over themselves to put out a knock-off. Oh well, at least Apple's legal team won't be out of work anytime soon!
On 13 Apr 18:44 chris wrote
imitation is the highest form of flattery, or so they say
On 13 Apr 17:09 SEcz wrote
Not bad idea but I must agree with Horny, wery poor Photoshop showing nothing special .........
On 13 Apr 12:53 vincebio wrote
feckin hilarious...

ooops. theres apple legal at the door

good luck with that
On 13 Apr 12:40 Horny wrote
Poor Photoshop

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