Adobe Flash Player 10.2 available on Android Market this week

14 March 2011 by
Adobe has announed the availability of Flash Player 10.2 for Android devices later this week.

Adobe Flash Player 10.2 for Android 

The desktop version of the Player was release on February 8th so it took Adobe 5 weeks to have working port for the Android platform ready.

You are out of luck if you are one of the 41 percent of Android users running on an earlier version than Android 2.2. Flash Player 10.2 requres version 2.2 Froyo of the OS and Adobe does not reveal if they will update the player for older handsets.

Some of the new features found in Flash Player 10.2 for Android are:

  • Hardware accelerated video presentation for H.264 (Android 3.3.1 only)
  • Deeper integration with the Android browser rendering engine. Meaning that the Player can render content as part of web pages. This feature is only available to Android 3.0.1 devices. Those with version 2.2 or 2.3 will see the Flash content in a separate window.
  • Improved performance when running on devices with multi-core processors such as Motorola Atrix 4G and Xoom, LG Optimus 2x and Samsung Galaxy S II
  • A new ActionScript API for developers enables automatically launch and display of the soft keyboard

The Flash Player update will be available via Android Market on Thursday the 18th. 


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