500 new features promised in next version of Windows Phone

23 May 2011 by
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer promises 500 new features in the next version of the Windows Phone operating system

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango features 

At a developer conference in Japan today, Microsofts CEO Steve Ballmer said over 500 new feature will find its way into the next version of Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango). Not mentioned by Ballmer today, but we know some of these features are integration of Facebook Chat, Office 365 support, group messaging, Wi-Fi hotspot and more.

Microsoft will host a launch event tomorrow where more information about the new Windows Phone version will be revealed in addition to "who's going be build Windows phones and which carriers will be offering them"

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goldenface10 years ago
Interesting! Lets see what they'll be offering to claw back some customers.
masseur10 years ago
do you think they're trying to out do the "100 new features" announced when the iPhone 4/iOS 4 was announced?
julias10 years ago
Has anyone even bought or even considered buying a windows phone?
masseur10 years ago
I used to be a windows mobile user for many years, going through many iMate and HTC offerings, up to WM 6.5, but have zero interest in windows phone 7, not even just to try it out, and can't explain why really
julias10 years ago
Same here really have used previous offering of windows mobile but never did like or enjoy the experience and probably for that reason alone have zero interest in windows phone 7 and I have tested and tried out some of the current crop of WP7 devices and not really liked what i saw.
mallaccra10 years ago
wp7 is not that bad but i prefer android
Tsepz_GP10 years ago
I got to use both a HTC Mozart and Trophy recently in store and i was amazed at the build quality of the WP7 phones, but the OS's UI itself i wasnt a fan of, its sleek and smooth but the use of large fonts, the tiles and the whole set up is just wrong IMO, wastes screen real estate and its not that customizable.
I remember how excited i was about Android when it came out, i even watched that keynote announcement and kept an eye on it constantly, i just dont feel the same about WP.
One big mistake IMO in MS's execution of WP is how the UI is kept the same in all WP devices, i understand its like that to create synergy with the wide range of devices to avoid fragmentation but i think it confuses the customer, there's no real differentiation between the WP devices.
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julias10 years ago
And speaking of Tiles on WP7 they honestly look like they were designed by children in fact i reckon i could have done a far more professional looking job than that.
aaliyah1510 years ago
spending $500 million do not know for what, Ballmer of course can promise anything, for no one is there to ask him of his promises.

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