300.000 Android phones now activated daily

9 December 2010 by
These numbers came from Andy Rubin the former co-founder and CEO of Android via Twitter earlier today

In August, 200.000 Android devices were activated daily according to Google CEO Eric Schmidt. In May the numbers were 100.000. Google G1 was the first model running the Android operating system. It was available in October 2008 and T-Mobile reported that 1 million G1 Android phones was sold in 6 months. That was aproximately 5.500 devices each day. Things have changed since back then and now most manufactures has started shipping Android devices.

Android devices activated daily

Earlier this week version 2.3 of the operating system was released in addition to the third Google branded phone which is made by Samsung and given the name Google Nexus S. This is the 6th generation of the operating system adding support for Near Field Communication, new video formats, improved user interface, larger screen sizes and resolutions, native support for SIP VoIP telephony and much more. The next version of Android are scheduled for launch in early 2011.

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