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FS: Sony vaio PCG-Z600 (Laptop)

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Posted by axxxr
I'f anyones interested i'm selling my Slim Form Factor Sony Vaio PCG-Z600 Laptop its in excellent condition,comes boxed with full original packaging along with manuals,software cd's etc.

+postage to anywhere within the u.k
Can accept payment via paypal

Model PCG-Z600TEK

Processor Mobile Intelฎ Pentiumฎ III processor featuring Intelฎ SpeedStep™ technology
700 Mhz
L2 cache memory 256 KB (on die)
Motherboard Chipset Intel 440ZX
Memory 128 MB (upgradeable to 256 MB)
Hard disk drive 20 GB
Video Chipset ATI Rage Mobility-M1
Video Memory 8 MB SDR (on die)
Display 12.1" TFT XGA 1024x768
Sound Yamaha YMF744B-R • 16-bit CD-quality stereo sound
Floppy Disk Drive (1)3.5" 1.44 MB
Ports on unit 1 PC Card Slot(s) • 4 pins i.Link port • MemoryStick slot • 1 USB port(s) • Docking Station connector • Headphones out • Internal microphone • Microphone in • Mini USB port •
USB speeds supported full / low speed
Ports on PCGA-UPR5
(Docking Station) Ethernet port • Serial port • Parallel port • VGA monitor out • 4 pins i.Link port • 1 USB port(s) •
PC Card Slot(s) 1 PCMCIA type I or 1 PCMCIA type II Cards and Cardbus support
Modem built-in modem V.90/K56Flex (56kbps) data/fax modem
Network 10Base-T/100Base-TX
Keyboard 84 keys • Hotkeys
Special buttons JogDial
Mouse Alps GlidePoint
AC Adapter PCGA-AC19V
Battery PCGA-BPZ51
Dimensions (W x H x D) 275mm x 24.5 to 29.3mm x 226 mm
Weight 1700 g
Supplied accessories AC Adapter (PCGA-AC19V)
Battery (PCGA-BPZ51)
Port replicator (PCGA-UPR5)
CD drive (PCGA-CD51A)
USB floppy drive (PCGA-UFD5)
Phone cable • Phone plug • Mini USB converter • Power cable • Documentation
Operating System Windows 2000 Professional

Software Adobe Acrobat Reader • BatteryScope • DVgate Motion • DVgate Still • Internet Explorer • Jog Dial Utility • Media Bar • Movie Shaker • PictureGear • PowerPanel • QuickTime • Smart Capture • Smart Connect • Smart Connect Monitor • Smart Label • Smart Publisher • Smart Write • Sony Notebook Setup • UI Design Selector • VAIO Action Setup • Visual Flow


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Posted by themarques
hey axxxr how old is it?

Posted by axxxr
I bought it a couple of years ago..but have'nt really used it much..its in almost as good as new condition..I paid ฃ2200 when it first came out so for the price im selling it is a really good deal.

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Posted by wahidmoussa
is the laptop still available

Posted by axxxr
yes its still available.

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Posted by Sentertainment
that would b about $1100 USD, correct? that's a bit pricey now.

Posted by wahidmoussa
what is ur last price, they are going for about ฃ200 on ebay. we can discuss a price if yours is in a better condition. u can mail me wahid@mohamudbucus.plus.com

Posted by jonny4580
hi i have one of these laptops and in the specs it says parralel port but i cant find an adapter for the connection on the laptop at the rear left how do i make this into a parallel port please? any help greatly appreciated!!

Posted by dougproctor
This thread is over 6 years old!!!!!! Why not try googling for an answer rather than dragging up a very very old thread?

Posted by skblakee
And here I am pondering a bid.

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