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Sony SBH52

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Posted by hihihans
I love how you can use this like a mini phone.

Posted by jcwhite_uk
Ideal for use with the Z Ultra. You dont like silly talking into a huge phone and also don't have to wear a headset.

Posted by MusaD.Dragon
Looks interesting,what's the price for it?

Posted by hihihans
Sony 's price tag in the Netherlands is €89
That seems reasonable to me.

Posted by Webalistic
It's a nice gadget. Sound is good too.
However I have one annoyance with the radio that's in it. I tend to listen to it on my commute. It also saves some battery time on my phone that way.
But there seems to be some compression filter-like behaviour in there. Every time the reception gets dodgy, it responds with a 'pop'. And it's not so much the pop sound itself as the relative sound pressure that goes with it that's really uncomfortable to me. I'll try if some less sensitive in-ears will mitigate that a bit.
Other than that, I like it. NFC activation is really neat.

Oh, and still no 'lock' option. I find that buttons get pressed too easily when carrying this in the pocket of my jacket. Had the same with my MW600.
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Posted by pt020
Got it for my Girlfriend,she loves her Z1 but says it is bit too big,hope it will help ...

Ok gave it to her and she loves it ... must charge it first battery was empty.

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