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BlackBerry's 2013 Smartphone Roadmap: BlackBerry A10 (Aristo) and BlackBerry 9720

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Posted by Tsepz_GP

It’s been a while since we heard about exactly what BlackBerry has in store for the rest of 2013. Thanks to multiple trusted sources, however, we not only know but we also have some exclusive photos. First up is the BlackBerry A10, code-named “Aristo.” This device is going to be positioned as the most powerful, capable BlackBerry yet with a big focus on power and gaming. For some people, it might be the BlackBerry 10 smartphone they have been waiting for.

The A10 will feature a huge 5-inch screen, which is much larger than the current crop of BlackBerry handsets, and we’re told it will also sport a much more refined fit and finish.

When we reviewed the BlackBerry Q10, its AMOLED display was terrible, colors were all out of order, and text was pixelated. This time around, we’re going to see a new Super AMOLED screen, so it should help a great deal in that department. We are also told that the BlackBerry A10 is going to feature 2GB of RAM and a dual-core processor. We were told by one source BlackBerry has not been able to make the jump to quad-core chips possibly due to concerns over battery life or possibly difficulties optimizing its BlackBerry 10 software, so it seems that the dual-core chip was necessary. We are told that the phone features the same silicon structure that the iPhone does, with separate CPU and GPU processors.

The styling of the BlackBerry A10 closely resembles a Samsung Galaxy S4. In fact, we are told it’s actually larger than the Galaxy S4, but more rounded and less aggressive-looking than the Z10. We would expect an 8-megapixel camera, but have not been able to confirm that or other details just yet. Expect a huge focus on gaming here, and let’s hope BlackBerry’s developer relations team is working overtime to herd in the biggest game developers.

Look for the BlackBerry A10 to launch sometime late this fall.

Switching over to the BlackBerry 9720, this is a rehash of BlackBerry’s ever-popular BlackBerry 9700, except it has been updated with BlackBerry’s new atrocious design language and styling.
Not only does BlackBerry basically ruin everything that made its phones great with the BlackBerry 10 software, but the company seems intent on destroying everything that people loved about its older devices, too. The only saving grace here is that we are told this is a replacement for the BlackBerry 9320, so look for this to be a somewhat lower cost device that should retail for around $350 off contract in many parts of the world.

We are told that these two handsets make up BlackBerry’s entire smartphone roadmap for the remainder of 2013, more or less. It’s possible there could be some market-specific variants based on these phones — you know BlackBerry just can’t pass up a good SKU soup — but we don’t expect to see any other new phones from BlackBerry this year.

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Posted by Supa_Fly
^ "The Message is clear" ... was the basic statement at their Annual Shareholders meeting in Waterloo yesterday. Reading across the blogs their 3 stage task to bringing BB to success and profits was shown openly for the first time. Although its a SOLID plan - for any business and especially for BlackBerry along with the ability to execute ... Even myself, a long time BlackBerry smartphone user & fan am finally realizing there are 2 things that BlackBerry continues to fail at - irregardless of whom the CEO/former co-CEO's are/where (respectively).

1. Marketing!
- this includes Brand marketing, target marketing, mass marketing, market segment, you name it, they FAIL miserably in this aspect!! They have a non-charismatic CEO that is bred to do business from birth in a suit, and he's doing a damn good job - considering the circumstances, he's forced the haters that say "RIP RIM or RIP BB" to rechange their estimated coffin celebrations several times the past year, lol.

The issue is they have no idea how to passionately and correctly market to consumers and even to business. They rely on meetings and office meeting room Video Conferencing meetings, etc along with powerpoint slides and booklets and pamphlets. This doesn't work to well with the general consumers whom really control the 80% of the market with their $$ and why Android and iOS are kings! Sad because they have all the up to date research to properly execute this.

Until BB shows the world, effectively and straight to the point, no games/gimicks or shorts, that BB10 is the real McCoy as it where nobody else will be interested in purchasing them! Like Nortel, the sharks will quickly and invisibly circle BB and wait until their timely demise and make back-end deals with Canadian politicians to by the bits that is really worth bargain pricing: NOC, QNX (employees, business partnerships, service contracts = revenues, etc), and strengthening cellular partner deals.

2. Execution.
- like everyone else ... BB10 is recognized as a great OS ... but its lacking in what people require day to day for the true power that is known with BB; without all the junk and garbage that we all remember and loathe with the legacy BBOS (7.1/7/6/5/4/etc). BB10.2 is supposed to finally resolve so many of these holes in features and prowess ... but here in lies my point that I'm finally fed up on .

EXECUTE!! Stop giving me lip service like some fancy or $2 bit H.O.(2nd vowel in the alphabet here)!! Its time for BlackBerry to stop making and breaking promises ... their infrastructure and capabilities to execute on M2M strategy like no other is going to be paramount for their future success beyond devices and if they want to be valued as a take over candidate.

I love BB10 and what it offers even in its present state ... but I want a serious quality materials (exotic materials even) in a market priced with the OS buffed up just a tad bit more with more developers taking the time to create Cascades apps, not doing a half-ass job in porting Android 2.3 apps (Android runtime 4.2.2 is in BB10.2 later this year).

I'm heavily considering switching again as my device continues to drop in resale value every week

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