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Sony sold 8.7 million smartphones last quarter

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Posted by laffen
Sony today released its financial figures for the last quarter of 2012. The company sold 8.7 million smartphones during the period

Sony operating income Q4 2012

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Posted by Bonovox
Looking more healthy

Posted by etaab
Its certainly very good news. Ive always been a big Sony fan so hopefully they're going to start making some money. I might not want their smartphones but I do want their other products, primarily Playstation 4 come 20th February.

Posted by Bonovox
The new Z & ZL devices should see Sony do well this year I think

Posted by etaab
Hopefully, but their brand identity for mobiles is insignificant compared to Apple and Sammy.

Posted by Supa_Fly
Playstation 4 is definitely on my TBL!!
Xperia ZL ... still tempting considering BBz10.

Posted by etaab
Mine too. Im counting down the days to February 20th.

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