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Sony Mobile could be firing half of the 3000 employees in Lund, Sweden

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Posted by laffen
Sony Mobile has told all 3000 employees to attend to an internal meeting tomorrow morning. It is expected that half the work force will lose their jobs

Sony Mobile Communication to cut work force in Lund

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Posted by jplacson

Posted by randomuser
Oh Dear

I Love Sony but this is really sad. I don't really have anything else to say. Very very sad !!

Posted by goldenface
I much prefer Sweden taking care of the software than Japan. Software isn't one of Sony's strongpoints.

Posted by Supa_Fly
VERY sad indeed. I REALLY hate this concensus amongst business to fire employees to save dollars. You don't SAVE anything for at least 3mths (a financial quarter) since there is severance pay, insurance, assisting to find new jobs, stock options/trades (costs of doing so) etc.

I'd rather see a company retrain such employees (earmarked for being laid off) for efficient work! Better work! This way they work smarter, hardware, and as a whole are more worth to the company. possible place them in differing departments.

THE ISSUE with Sony bleeding money is NOT the employees that are "following orders" its the issue of a) the design team lacking vision to differentiate their products, b) the marketing team NOT focusing on their target markets in various regions, c) the top staff making idiotic decisions NOT to spend the fund$ for effective marketing.

Posted by Bonovox
Sad sad news sorry for Sony indeed.

Posted by jplacson
I think they should all slowly move to Lumigon

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