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Sony to reduce work force with 10000 jobs

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Posted by laffen
Sony is about to reduce its work force with 10,000 employees. About 6% of the total head count

Sony cuts work force with 10000 employes

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Posted by etaab
I also hear Sony overall have made a $6b loss. Which is worrying if its across the entire company.

Im a playstation 3 user, id hate to have to buy an xbox next time around !

Posted by Bonovox
It seems Samsung are now the global force in all fields to be reckoned with. They seem to be doing better than Sony.

Posted by etaab
Didnt i read somewhere however Samsung didnt make much money this past twelve months apart from their mobile division which turned in a stonking amount of revenue ?

I think smartphones are taking over the world, they've almost put compact digital cameras into the obsolete bin..

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