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From the forum:

Sony Xperia sola thread

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Posted by sunrise_
2 days since announcement and still no discussion thread? So...

Sony Xperia sola

Key features for Xperia sola
Floating touch navigation for an easy web browsing experience
NFC enabled and Xperia SmartTags in the box to enable quick app loading and easy content sharing
3.7 Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine gives razor sharp clarity
Powered by a 1GHz Dual Core Processor for super fast browsing
xLOUD and 3D surround sound audio technology for crisp and loud listening
Direct access to Sony Entertainment Network* with pre-installed Video and Music Unlimited** apps
Launches on Android platform 2.3, upgrade to Android 4.0 during summer 2012

Press release: http://pressreleases.sonymobile.com/2012/0313/english
Full specification: http://www.sonymobile.com/cws[....]ils/xperiasolaprfinal-20120313
Product page: http://www.sonymobile.com/global-en/products/phones/xperia-sola/

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Posted by goldenface
Strangely enough, this looks like being one of the best looking of Sony's latest phones. I'm liking the new designs - completely different from the curves of last year.

Posted by rikken
Agree, I really like its design too and the fact that it has a memorycard slot Only wish it had a bigger screen.

Posted by lolstebbo
Its lack of a front-facing camera is a pretty..... big negative against it.

Posted by goldenface
They've again managed to make their phones look a lot different from the rest of the pack.

Great spec list too and it's nice to see they're including some smart-tags to get you started.

Posted by mode
The white one looks absolutely divine! But Sony needs to realize that eventhough Samsung sells ugly phone their at the top of their game so there other areas they need to look into to catch up. Looks can only get them so far. That said, damn they make pretty phones!

Posted by NightBlade
It does look gorgeous! (sans the back)

I like how they added that small illumination just above the Xperia logo.

Posted by vlotnet
These things are very subjective, but I think the design is terribly blocky, and the front surface of the phone looks like two disjointed blocks (from the '80s).

I'd much rather have more pocketable curved edges and a totally flat front face. I can't see this the raised part holding up to accidents well either. The white model makes the ugly more livable though.

There may be a practical use for that white light under the raised screen too. If it's just posturing, it will be disappointing.

* The NFC tags might be useful to some people.
* The USB port should have a sliding cover to protect it from the elements, ideally.
* The SE 'bump' logo on the back shouldn't be there (it will get damaged with enough table placement if unprotected). I would guess newer phones in the future will finally dispense with it given the corporate changes here.

Floating Touch sounds like it may have some usefulness for some people and it differentiates Sony pretty well, when most phones are starting to look and act just the same as each other.

Posted by dominiquelan
This phone proves that not all smartphones need to look alike. I love the red one! I don't think the raised screen is practical, although it does merit them extra points for creativity. I can't wait to try the "floating touch" feature, too.

Posted by Shino03
Any idea how much will this cost at launch?

Posted by moshimaru
According to the post of Sony Mobile Philippines on facebook, the srp will be P16,999 (296 euro). It said that it will release by mid-may.

Posted by ernesthelmer
At a glance, the device looks quite a fantastic product with many amazing characteristics.The best feature of this phone is floating touch display.Sony products are amazing!

Posted by mustafabay
So Sony is saying ICS should have more than 512MB of RAM for optimum operation. So is anyone annoyed that the Sola has 512MB of RAM? If 1GB is too much then give it 768MB. Or is the Sola too low end?

Posted by TeknoBoi90
Curious that in Italy (and only here) this will be called "Sole", because "Sola" means something like "fake"

Posted by S4k1s

On 2012-03-31 22:48:08, mustafabay wrote:
So Sony is saying ICS should have more than 512MB of RAM for optimum operation. So is anyone annoyed that the Sola has 512MB of RAM? If 1GB is too much then give it 768MB. Or is the Sola too low end?
IMO all phones that ship in 2k12 with less than 1gb are low end regardless of other specs.

Posted by Raja
The phone is supposed to have Stereo Surround Speakers,
Where are they actually located on the phone?

Posted by TeknoBoi90
that's just a software gimmick, there aren't real stereo speakers

Posted by joykara
Smart phone looks quite stylish and I am very exited to get one for me.

movers LA
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Posted by Bonovox
GSM Arena says this phone is now in stores. Where??

Posted by Arne Anka

On 2012-05-11 17:29:00, Bonovox wrote:
GSM Arena says this phone is now in stores. Where??

Sweden of course.

Posted by Bonovox
Oh when in UK?? Sony is taking ages releasing new models again. How much is it??

Posted by lolstebbo
I think I saw some stores having it when I was in China last month.

Posted by Arne Anka

On 2012-05-11 22:22:00, Bonovox wrote:
Oh when in UK?? Sony is taking ages releasing new models again. How much is it??

Around 325 GBP. Still a tad expensive considering Xperia S i pretty much at same price.

Posted by Raja
I saw one in Pune, India yesterday. It was not released but the dealer said it will be available within the week.
Price will be around Rs.20,000 - Approx GBP 250.

Posted by Shino03
It's now available in the Philippines for 400 USD.

Posted by Bonovox
Review of the Sola

Posted by smclion102
India has all the Phones
Salo= 19,999 rs /281euro
X U=16,499 rs /232 Euro
X P= 24,999 rs /350 Euro

Posted by emporium

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Posted by Shino03

Review of Gsmarena at last!

Posted by alenn
I like that floating touch feature.I want to try it

Posted by Ranjith
A friend got it here in India and seems that his speakers have gone bad on DAY2.started working after some time but has given it to SONY anyway,seems they will need time since its the first reported issue with SOLA.and he is thinking abt getting a NEO V instead! :-\\

Posted by TeknoBoi90
My girlfriend just bought the Sola (Sole here in Italy LOL) after months of decisions, you know, the first smartphone has to be an Xperia I have to say that it's gorgeous, the screen is impressive (compared to my Mini Pro the difference's like day and night) and everything is smooth... Anyway, the thing I really like is the overall design and feel... It's price here is 299

Posted by rikken
It is a good looking phone, tried one in a store and I found it to be quite good actually

Posted by bluechip
why no updates here in this thread..???
Is this such a sleepy thread.??

Posted by Bonovox
Yes nice phone seen one for 254 on Amazon

Posted by semo
I looked for it today in Caen (France), in the shops of all the big operators and in The Phone House.
It's not here yet, pitty, I wanted to buy it as a present for my wife.
I thought it will be out in Q2.

Posted by mediar
Xperia Sola

Nokia 6301
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Posted by bluechip
just placed an order,
waiting for the delivery....
eta in 4 days..

Posted by bluechip

anybody, know about this one's cam quality..?
how is it, is it better or equal to K850i..?

Posted by bluechip

Posted by Shino03
Probably because the Sola isn't yet available in some countries.

Posted by rikken

On 2012-06-16 19:04:43, bluechip wrote:

anybody, know about this one's cam quality..?
how is it, is it better or equal to K850i..?

Camera samples here : http://www.gsmarena.com/sony_xperia_sola-review-766p6.php

Posted by Shino03
Any users here having complaints or issues with their Sola?

Posted by bluechip

On 2012-06-30 02:35:16, Shino03 wrote:
Any users here having complaints or issues with their Sola?

me using now for 1 month, only problem i faced with is my device just got a little slow, because of me trying to install most of the apps available on store,
then did a factory restore and all's well again. overall this is a good fast phone with my point with having an sd card slot.

Posted by Shino03
I'm having a hard time searching for some sample pics. I want to know how capable its camera is. Can you post some sample pictures here.

Posted by Shino03
dead link bro

Posted by Bonovox

Here you go GSM Arena says camera is good

Posted by bluechip
The camera is good, but the video shows a bit pixelation in bright sunlight..

Posted by erdyon

On 2012-06-30 02:35:16, Shino03 wrote:
Any users here having complaints or issues with their Sola?

This is exactly what I want to ask, because some users in my country are having problems with their unit. Examples : the power suddenly dropped eventhough the battery indicator is still 30%, unit can't be turned on anymore, etc.

Posted by Shino03
Please could somebody help me. I've bought a new xperia sola yesterday and it is fine except for a very poor signal. 3g, Edge or hsdpa is not detected by my phone. Help me please as I have only a day left to replace the phone if it is a hardware defect. I''ve also read in talk.sony that others also have poor signal in one firmware but I just don't know if it's the same with my case where the 3g, edge, hsdpa are completely absent

here's the link
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