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Tethering support in Sony Ericsson Satio.

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Posted by kumaradarsh
Recently I was surfing the web when i came across a point that Symbian S60 v5 Phones have the capability of tethering via their wi-fi reciever (if present) in the headset. But i was rather disappointed to see that the most popular, or rather the only software capable of doing so (i am not sure but most probably) - Joikusoft Lite is not made for Satio... and only works in Nokia and Samsung phone..... Can anyone please help me out and suggest some more softwares or methods to fulfil my need... Even any method of making the software work will help.....Thank You...!!!

Posted by DarkKrypt
there is a particular version of joikuspot that does work on the vivaz and satio, its somewhere in my older posts ill try and find it when i have time, if no reply in 24 hours feel free to browse through my posts.

Posted by burmistrz
Take all time you need, DarkKrypt

Posted by kumaradarsh
Hey Dark Krypt... Thanks for the reply... I even searched you posts... but they are many man.... I found some useful stuff with joikuspot 2.5 cracked for all versions... But it showed Certificate Error... Any reply to that please.... How can I resolve it... If you have the working file , then please mail it to me or give me a download link.... Or if you can resolve the certificate error,,, I can send u the file,.....

Posted by DarkKrypt
hack your phone with helloOX
then download the ones that i mentioned in the wifi hotspot thread

setting up satio as wifi hotspot

goto ipmart forum sign up and it will be there ive got over 5000 apps and games for symbian s60v5 and i dont have the time to find it.sorry

Posted by kumaradarsh
Hey I ve got the new firmware update of Satio and it seems it can't be hacked with HellOx ... Now what???
Is there a new version to hack Satio's new firmware...???

Posted by DarkKrypt
no there isnt so you'll need to search for the joikuspot that i recommended, get it signed
via opda - go through the english site. and give your imei key/no.
the wait 24 hours the your have the cert and other thingy
then sign the app.
THEN it might work..thats the best i can suggest

Posted by az_ajay
Joikusoft for Satio and Vivaz.. Work perfect in my satio.. Try this.....
joikuspot premium V3.10 VIVAZ - SATIO Signed

Posted by kumaradarsh
hey az_jay... thank you very much.... this really works......
i will shortly give another link for direct download... cause the ip mart people want login...

Posted by kumaradarsh
Hey all others watching this post can directly download the Joikuspot premium 3.1 version for Satio n Vivaz here:


Posted by kumaradarsh
Here is the folder containing about 50 games for all Symbian S60 v5 phones.... all working in Satio and nokia 5800....


Posted by martinpouis1
I read an article about sony satio product and itís reviews which are as usual awesome. I want to know if skin cover can reduce the brightness coming out from display screen. I heard that they are harmful for body..

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Posted by aiyanaas2
You can find out the stylish varieties of Sony Satio Skins to cover the iphone smartly and stylishly.
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Posted by aiyanaas2
Good discussion!
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