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Sony Ericcsson Community in Google +

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Posted by SECommunity
hi everyone

as you can see from the topic. we are building Sony Ericcsson Community in the newly launched Google+ service. every Sony Ericcsson fan can join. after joining, you will receive daily news and you will be able to post your own, and there will be alot of discussion and sharing between the members.

please post or pm us your email or google + account profile and we will add you as soon as possible. if you don't have an account, please post or pm us your email and we will invite you. alternatively you can visit us and add us, they we will add you.


please note that there are larg number of requests, so there might be slight delay on sending you a request, be patient, you will get one very soon. we are over 100 members in about 2 days.

see you there
[ This Message was edited by: SECommunity on 2011-07-17 15:37 ]

Posted by DarkKrypt
legit? seems so will send email shortly
i need an invite first

Posted by goldenface

Posted by DarkKrypt
anyone wanna invite me to google +?

Posted by SECommunity
I will invite everyone interested

just post or PM me your email

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