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Sony Ericcson Vivaz Software Update

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Posted by Tupac123
Hi i am from India. I bought a Vivaz last month. The software version is R2AA029 and the Customer Version is R2AA026. Now i don't know if i have the latest Software (Firmware) in my Phone. Please Help

Posted by babu20
latest version is R2EA023 release date 20-08-2010

Posted by awareesa
This thing about latest firmware is almost useless.

Who is going to update a phone that has all these settings (sounds, profiles, applications, settings for these applications! etc etc) to just change minor things? Because after the update, you need some 1-2 hours to bring phone to its initial settings AND THEN AFTER ONE MONTH A NEW UPDATE is there...

Posted by Tupac123
Thanks for your help. So what are you saying sud i get my phone updated or not. I checked in the SE website that the latest Firmware fixes a lot of bug. I called up Sony Service Center in Bangalore, They say that they don't hav any latest Updated they can only help if my phone hangs or something major happens. I tried geting the update from SE Website but i am not able to do that. I download the Software but later it keep on saying that it is checking for the Software in my Phone and nothing happns. Can anyone tell me whats the right Procedure to get this update...

Posted by vprxtrm
you should upgrade your phone. i did, and now is allot faster surfing the menu, a bit stable, and screen rotation is faster. in the last 2 weeks only once has restarted by itself, and that was because i tried installing a non-compatible application. other than that, no problems with the OS. before upgrading I was a little angry for buying this phone, the OS was so slow and buggy that almost made me return the phone. after upgrade i am happy now, no issues with the symbian so far, and i am a heavy user. also stable with hd motion-sensor games (asphalt 4 hd, ferrari gt hd) and video playback in Hd.

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