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sony ericssion t715 doesn't connect to computer

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Posted by miis_n
i have a t715 which i want to connect to the computer via a usb cable but it dnt connect but before it used to but its been a few days that it wouldn't connect...couldd uu tel me wat the problem could be and what i could do to help it connect.. plzzz i reaally need help.. ii would apreciate it
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Posted by tranced

You better check the fast port or the usb cable's pins. Check the usb ports of the computer nevertheless.

Posted by miis_n
i have checked itt..this is my 2nd usb wire which i am using because i thought it might be the wire which has stopped working but i was wrong ..wat can i do?

Posted by tranced
In this case the prob's your phone

Clean the fast port then carefully.

Posted by miis_n
but it cant be the phone because as u know all the sony ericssion phones contains one port in which you charge your phone from, listan to stuff through headphone etc.. then iif i can charge it then y wont it connect..arrghh hate this phone its doing my heading..and another point is that i think it can be the drivers fault.. will you be able to tell mee how i can do it.. sorry iive asked u about so much things but im really confused..dnt know what to do coz i sent it of for repair a month ago coz of problems n i cant send it of again..

Posted by tranced
It's the same port but if you look closely the port is segmented. Each of those segment has a function.

Posted by hihihans
Look here for each segments use.
Carefully clean it with some alcohol.

Posted by rkalloo
also if alcohol wont work
try some lead (pencil tip) its conductive

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