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FS: Various Sony Ericsson Accessories

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Posted by Rookwise
Got the following for sale. All in full working order unless stated otherwise. Open to sensible offers and need to go. Payment is by Bank Transfer/Direct Bank Deposit. Possibly Paypal gift payments for overseas members.

Items are:

CST-75 mains charger MIB.
DCU-65 USB Cable
K800 Keypad membrane/PCB (Brand New, Untested as supplier should have sent a K810 one) SOLD Pending payment
CCR-70 USB M2 Card Reader
MPS-60 Speakers (White/Orange version)
ITC-60 TV Out Cable (Used, No Packaging)
ITC-60 TV Out Cable (In Original Plastic Bag, Unused)
HPM-77 Stereo Earphones (Used complete with spare covers)
MMC-60 Music Cable x2 (Both boxed and only used once)
X10 Mini Sock in Yellow (Roxfit branded)
X10 Mini Sock in Pink (Roxfit branded)
Bugatti Pouch (bought by mistake. Never used. Fits K800 size phones) SOLD
Sony MSAC-MMS M2 to MS adaptor
CLA-60 Cigarette Lighter Adaptor/Charger (With Packaging)
HCH-70 Car holder (boxed)

All need to go asap


[ This Message was edited by: Rookwise on 2010-09-19 17:37 ]

Posted by number1
Do you think i could fit my n97 in the bugatti Pouch, it's just a little bit wider than the k800 but it fits in all my other se pouchs.

Posted by Marly
My Bugatti pouch fits my N97 perfectly, don't know, whether there are different sizes, though, mine was a gift
[ This Message was edited by: Marly on 2010-09-15 13:49 ]

Posted by Rookwise
It should do. I bought for my x10 mini pro but it's too big for the phone. My standard x10 is too big for it. I've tried a k800 and its dimentions are right for the case but there is room for slightly bigger phones like the n95,n97 etc. I bought it a week ago from cpw for 10. All i've done with it is remove the card insert and try my mini pro in it. Material is like neoprene with I think felt type inner.

Posted by number1
Could i have a pic and price??

Posted by Sammy_boy
Is the K800i keypad PCB a genuine one? Might be interested as I have a nice silver K800i with a faulty camera key!

What kind of price were you looking for it?

Posted by Rookwise
The keypad is from cnn.cn. As mentioned it is untested as it was wrongly sent. They sent me the correct keypad I needed and didn't ask me to send the k800 one back. Dunno about a price. Probably about 12 delivered rmrd if payment is by bank transfer.

@number1. I'll get a pic done asap. As i'm currently 50 miles away from home. Will be back tonight a will sort a pic out soon after getting in.

Posted by Sammy_boy
Cheers for getting back - bit expensive for me that, was looking at paying around 5 for it if you'll accept that?

Posted by Rookwise
Lowest I'd go is 7.50 delivered matey if thats ok

Posted by Rookwise

First post updated

Posted by SonyBoi
Hi, how much for HPM-77, MPS-60 & ITC-60 each?

Posted by Rookwise
5 each mate inc delivery within the uk. Overseas postage will be about 10 via airsure or international signed for depending which is supported by the destination country

Posted by tranced
HPM-77 is available?

Posted by Rookwise
Think I still have it. Will check tonight when I get in from work

Posted by tranced
Great! Let me know. My HPM-70 just got broken after 2 years of almost every day use.

In case you have them I'll offer 8 for it incl. del.

Posted by Rookwise
Just nipped home for a few mins and I do still have the headphones and also have the bag of spare covers.

Posted by tranced


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