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Concept: Sony Ericsson Swift

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Posted by MrEstranger

Newly member of Sony Ericsson’s portfolio “Faith” refreshes the good old loving days of P1 and some faded memories of abandoned P5. People still miss P series from Sony Ericsson and P1i indeed was one finest most elegant and original product made by Sony Ericsson.

Main reason of “Faith” pulling P1’s name is its form, which is designed to penetrate BlackBerry style’s handsets. Almost every major company have these in their lineup but Sony Ericsson has been missing it since we seen last of P1.

How “Faith” will look in personal it is long shot but from what I have seen in available pictures, SE could do better job with its design. Specially its keyboard is center of criticism by new and old users. For new generation it is rip-off BlackBerry/E71 while older generation who remember Pseries are hoping to see something from those good days.

This is my attempt to register my “voice” through this concept I worked, which is still pretty much sketchy thanks to my not very good digital painting skills. But I tried to put together pieces to be a clear and presentable form and some description of why things are there and what are logics and benefits behind my concept.

Target and offering
Instead of going into far futuristic handset, I had to step back a little to design this all-rounder communication device to target not only business communities but regular consumers as well.
Front facing full qwerty keyboard with touch enabled larger display should introduce their users to whole new way of how they use these devices. Making it not just a business phone but a good all-rounder communication based device. User of this handset will easily control it using one hand.

Form Factor
Look back at Pseries and you will notice they have combine large touch-screens with complete qwerty keyboard which they almost perfected with P1 bringing rocker style.

Touch Screen
This form is highly demanded in busy business communities equally among men and women however downsize of this particular form is not enough real estate for larger screen, which I think should be important for a communication device.

In this concept, slightly wider area will bring not only better keyboard, but increased screen size too by altering common navigation style instead of going for full and usual setup. In result we have more real estate for larger screen so users can make a good use of their touch screens.

Replace routine shape of navigation with half to keep familiarity in shape and use for common-users and teaming a touch track-pad instead of d-pads or balls. For a reason I think users will still ask for d-pads or trackball and I happen to know the right reason for it but technology need to be introduced to these group.

2 user defined shortcut keys on front panel


What I tried to accomplish here is making a fusion of keyboards used under Pseries. Their formation doesn’t take too much space and still be comfortable for accurate typing. I would prefer rocker-based keypad but our targeted community might take it down at first sight.
Letters and symbols are also arranged to the close match of what on regular keyboard. I miss having TAB key on these keypads so there is one added as well.
Closeup for keys is soon to be add.

Anything that goes to this form will automatically fall into a certain group of devices, so knowing Sony Ericsson’s designs, gathering pieces (style) from their old handsets I coup them up within dimension of 110 x 58 x 14, which is perfect for single hand hold, easy to fit into regular pockets and still manages to contain everything needed, with hint of my own flavor here and there.

This design is made to hold surface strongly and look professional with touch of light lifestyle. 3.5mm audio jack is on top of the device so the mobile phone still fit nicely into pocket if handfree or headphone is plugged in.

Since UIQ is gone, I am having tough time to pick my next favorite OS. I don’t like Android at this stage, but if I put my likeness aside and judge it into environment than after WinMo, Andrioid have much potential due to its integration with google services and social networking. It is light and it doesn’t need a very heavy processor to work smoothly (I hope) so I pick Android for Sony Ericsson Swift.

Full qwerty keyboard with touch enabled larger display should introduce their users to whole new way of how they use these devices. Making it not just a business phone but a good all-rounder communication based smartphone.

Hardware overview

Dimension: 110 x 58 x 14
Processor: 800 mhz
Display: Resistive Touch-Screen, 16M colors
Memory: MicroSD up to 32gb
Camera: 8mpx, touch focus, flash

Posted by MrEstranger
Seriously, is it that bad?

Posted by NightBlade
It actually isn't too shabby. Kudos!

A bit thick, though, no?

Posted by MrEstranger
Thanks, well I check thickness of several handsets and I found with a good battery 14mm (or even 13mm) would be an ideal. Although yes it does "look" a bit thick in the drawing.

Posted by fairen
hmm.. not bad actually. Something you don't see everyday with Sony Ericsson handset designs

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