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Best Case/Pouch For Sony K810i?

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Posted by alfajerry
Hi Guys,
I'm looking for a case for my K810i.
Requirements are:
Black leather.
Attaches to a belt.
Not one that covers the phone itself, one that you put the phone into, and take it out to use.
Tight fit on phone.
Any suggestions appreciated.
All the best,

Posted by MBitz
I have the Case you are looking for! It's called a Belt Pouch, horizontal design for the K810i you have to put the fone in and to use it you will have to take it out. tight fit with magnetic strip. Let me know if you want to view it.

Posted by Rookwise
You can't beat the Sony Ericsson ICE-45 leather case/pouch. Full coverage, belt clip which is also removable via a twist lock. Price is around 12.99 gbp. Have a look on Sony Ericsson's eShop website. You can also buy from there or try the seller first2save on Ebay or there's also play.com

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Posted by alfajerry
Thanks for that.

I see Play also has the Sony ICE-25 for 6.99, which they list as OK for K810i.


Has anyone used a Krusell Hector case? Looks more stylish.
First2save has this:


Not sure whether would need the medium which is right size except for 12mm internal width or the large because of the 17mm width of the K810i.

All the best,

Posted by alfajerry
Just to help anyone in the future, the correct Krusell Hector case is the Medium Wide.
The Medium is too narrow despite being listed as compatible by almost every website.
All the best,
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