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From the forum:

Sony Ericsson Concepts 2010

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Posted by Remort1
first of all: happy new year ;D
so let's start with the concepts for 2010 of sony ericsson

i don't understand why my pics are always of bad quality, when i draw them they're always perfect(for me)
this is my first try to draw a android robot just with gimp! i hope you enjoy it
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Posted by JOJO2531
Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X20 (Scarlet)
I'm still working on it. It's one of the latest renders

Sorry for my English
[ This Message was edited by: JOJO2531 on 2010-03-02 00:48 ]

Posted by Remort1
great ;D i'm 15^^

Posted by tranced
@jojo2531: hey that's Rachael sister! Don't you have a codename for it?

@remort: thanks for hosting this new thread

If you have problems with the english, visit this thread

Posted by Remort1
no problem ;D

Posted by JOJO2531
@tranced codename: Scarlet

Posted by tranced
@JOJO: Ok, I like it.

@remort: are you saving your concepts as jpg?

Posted by Remort1
erm yes why do you ask?

Posted by Remort1
my other project before the xperia with android

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Posted by tranced
@remort: usually when saving pics as jpg it tends to get the quality lost. Save them as png. Just give a try.

Is that WinMo8 phone a green one?

Posted by Remort1
the phone itself isn't green, i just made the windows by itself green, you can change the colours by yourself if it would be like this...
[ This Message was edited by: Remort1 on 2010-01-07 22:30 ]

Posted by tranced
When I said green I meant if it was ecological. Just like Naite, Elm and Hazel.

Posted by brys182
scarlet is kewl,

winmo8 a greenheart project

Posted by Remort1
ah no...it's not a greenheart-phone..the flowers are just as design
[ This Message was edited by: Remort1 on 2010-01-08 00:29 ]

Posted by tranced
Will we see more?

Posted by Remort1
i'm still on work ;D but i i'm doing my best

Posted by Remort1
next step are the media functions

Posted by brys182
hoping for more mate

media functions.

Posted by Remort1
ah no, these are just the standby pictures, i'm still working on those with the media player etc.. ;D

Posted by tranced
@remort: the view in landscape is awesome. It's ideal for watching clips/movies.

Posted by lukechris
JoJo thats pretty good X20

Posted by Remort1
@jojo: your x20 is great ;D

Posted by JOJO2531
Back side of the Scarlet

[ This Message was edited by: JOJO2531 on 2010-01-10 23:47 ]

Posted by Remort1
so the first media center picture(i know it doesn't look like a center yet but i'm still working
[ This Message was edited by: Remort1 on 2010-01-15 22:17 ]

Posted by S4k1s

XPERIA X12 Pink Lush
[ This Message was edited by: S4k1s on 2010-01-18 20:12 ]

Posted by Remort1
wow pretty good ;D

Posted by hihihans
I like pink!

Posted by S4k1s
tyty :]
I could not decide on the borders so therefore 2 versions.

Posted by Remort1
here another pic, i hope you like it

[ This Message was edited by: Remort1 on 2010-01-17 19:05 ]

Posted by brys182
wow, rocks!


Posted by MrEstranger
Sony Ericsson comes with sort of surprises with up-coming lineup. Their design style are mix, different but slightly toward not-good way. After seeing their “Faith” as many others, my first reaction was not different from many others. I really wish they would use P990/910 type keypad for individual keys or just P1i style. Both are Sony Ericsson’s signatured, famous and practical style and no one would dare to call it a copycat in any words.

I started to work on this concept, it is still not done yet. I have full (realistic) specs and more details specially keypad’s pattern, which I note here and there. Right now I am sharing what I have done so far using my very limited digital painting in Photoshop.

While I love P1i style (and have been using it regularly) I wanted to see the combo of this form and style of Sony Ericsson. I will properly compile every aspect of this concept, features and benefits in a different thread meanwhile I hope to have some words of your thoughts.

By the way, I am calling it "Swift"

Posted by Remort1
very nice ;D

Posted by tranced
Let me do something here:

Please use the Esato Concept Logo in your concepts


Posted by hihihans
But then everyone knows it's not real.
How to get rumors in the world now

Posted by tranced
True, but it generates a lot of confusion then.

Posted by MrEstranger
I will keep that in mind, sorry about sliping it at first attempt but will be update it with the logo.

Posted by tranced
@MrEstranger: it was in general. Never meant to say it to someone in specific. I said that because a concept from JOJO2531 was taken as if it were going to be the real X20.

Posted by MrEstranger
Haha, yes I heard about that too.

Posted by tranced
We will probably see an awesome concept coming from a SE member. Can't wait

Posted by kawaii
so amaze

Posted by FlamEmo
My new concept Robyn

Posted by tranced
Is it Robyn or Robin?

The concept would look better if the phone were slimmer

Other than that, it nice

Posted by brys182
another nice concept,

looks like....


Posted by Remort1
really nice i'd buy this phone if it would be real(of course the x10 is bigger but too expensive for me )

Posted by JOJO2531
X20 black and white

[ This Message was edited by: JOJO2531 on 2010-10-31 18:06 ]

Posted by Remort1
really great, i like it ;D
[ This Message was edited by: Remort1 on 2010-01-22 21:48 ]

Posted by JOJO2531
My next concept is coming soon. Here is the first render of it. I call it "project TWO"

[ This Message was edited by: JOJO2531 on 2010-01-24 20:35 ]

Posted by echo.shane
you all have some good concepts but i just dont feel in making anymore until sony ericsson step up in their finacial report im so depressed right now poor sony ericsson. i loe sony ericsson so much i mean i would marry to them i could technically speaking

Posted by hihihans
@ Echoshane. you can ask your to change her name into

Posted by Remort1
@echoshane: i wish i could have my own site like you

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