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C510 & C702 Cyber-shot CCD

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Posted by code28h4p
here....i wanna invite you to test my mod camdriver, base on C702 R3EA037 stock camdriver (v3.2) and C510 R1EA030 (v2.2). In this version (i called it code alpha version) i've implemented some manual settinggs that witchking have implemented before....but sure, due it's just an alpha version, we will found any bugs here (but i hope it just a little of them).

Cyber-shot CCD
what is CCD???? this is CODE's CAMDRIVER, optimized for C510 and C702 with manual settings implemented.
Manual Settings have been implemented as follows:
* Manual Focus (Previously Black and White)
* Manual Contrast (Previously Negative)
* Manual Saturation (Previously Sepia)
* Selection of effects with EV values (Previously Solarize)
Now...with mod language added....put *.lng file in tpa/preset/system/language/

How to use:
To use Manual Focus: Set focus to INFINITE. Go to EFFECTS in camera menu. Select BLACK & WHITE. Use D-pad to change EV value. EV value will change lens position rather than exposure, so you can focus manually. Just find your accuracy focus by yourself.

To use Manual Contrast: Select NEGATIVE Effect, Change EV to change contrast and to level your pictures

To use Manual Saturation: Select SEPIA effect, Change EV to change Saturation.
EV = -2.0 (Minimum Saturation or Black and White pictures)
EV = + 2.0 (Maximum or insane Saturation)

To use Effects: Select SOLARIZE EFFECT, Use EV+ to switch between effects.

# fix manual focus steps
# increase JPEG buffer size and compression
# improve document scene mode for macro shot (increase sharpness, flash-LED ISO set to 80).
# remove non-working white balance color reproduction

# sometimes macro/doc scene mode will produce dark photos cause some missfired LED flash.
# wrong version displayed on Cyber-shot CCD v1b (shown as 2.0)

Hope you like it. Any feedback and sugestion or advice will be appreciated.

Download link (old version):

C702 Code's_v2.0 click here
C510 Code's_v2.1 click here

code alpha C510.rar
code alpha C702.rar

Cyber-shot CCD v1 (beta)
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Posted by akudan
great, i'll try it

Posted by gtr83
Maybe the title should be changed to: Code28h4p's C702/C510 Driver Thread

Posted by code28h4p
thanx, i'll PM moderator here....
don't forget to leave your comment bro

Posted by pakhusin
may i ask you something? are you using laptop or pc?

cos sometimes, laptops screen failed to produce right color.
in my case, when i view pic on my laptop, i see black. but when viewing on my LG lcd monitor, i can see green (noise)

N1 camdriver also got that green noise, but it is not as much as yours.
you need alot of adjustments.

my tips, try to adjust using PC with decent graphic card and monitor.

sorry my comment, but i guess, you aim is to produce great camdriver right?

down there is my sample.
real colour should be between N1's and Code's version.
but overall, N1's better cos malaysian weather is not that "hot and sunny"
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Posted by pakhusin

code-normal metering-flash off

code-spot metering-flash off

n1-normal metering-flash off

n1-spot metering-flash off
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Posted by gtr83
It seems that code's driver tends to oversharpen the colors, what do you think guys?

Posted by code28h4p
Thanx for comment, maybe i'll fix it later.
Did i forgot to told you, i live in Indonesia actually at equator line west borneo that have more sunny day.
Once again, thanx for your feedback...
Btw...please told me scene that u've used for taken that shot.

Posted by pakhusin
no scene, all auto. white balance also auto.
the only i change is the metering mode. normal or spot.

Posted by code28h4p
All auto...ok last nite i have fix my camdriver and also add shutterspeed minimize lock.
Good news here, maybe next camdriver will coorporated with number1.
I'll upload it soon but not today due national election in our beloved nation.
Hope there's so many improve in our camdriver.

Progress news:
Change effects to ISO: FAILED.

Posted by ranen

using all auto

the driver reduces noise on my c510 but in low light i get a weird yellow ill upload it later

thanks to code28h4p!

Posted by gtr83
The pic actually looks OK to me.

Who are you voting code?

Posted by tranced
i just uploaded your camdriver, code. have taken some pics and they are ok for the night. will wait for tomorrow for the sunny pics.


Posted by code28h4p
Thanx for your feedback, i will search any solution later.

I haven't registered, i still confuse why i haven't registered.

I will be waitin for ur feedback. What type of phone u have used, C510 or C702?

Posted by tranced
oh, right! i have a c702 here.

Posted by akudan
Colour is much warmer than c510 original v2.1, don't have time yet to test night shot. Good work there, thanks.

c510 ori 2.1

c510 code28h4p

Posted by gtr83
The problem with us Asia Pacific rim guys is the cloudy weather, which constantly makes daylight photos look like the above. But the colors are great.

Posted by ds934118
Is this better than N1's camdriver?

Posted by code28h4p
Maybe...but next camdriver will be my project + number1 to got improvization in photos result.
I wanna ask you something here before...
Did you need manual ISO settings?
If you want to...effects setting will changes to ISO settings

Posted by ds934118
Oh,If can that will be great!!
I need ISO setting!!

If can be the best !^^

I think your camdriver better than N1's

Can I post your camdriver to Zone of discussion of Taiwan ?

Posted by tranced
a sample pic:

auto + cloudy WB.

Posted by gtr83
What do you think, tranced?

Posted by tranced
that i have a lot to test

Posted by gtr83
All good then

Posted by code28h4p
Sorry i can't see ur pic yet today coz im just online via pc and no image loaded.

Sure you can...

Posted by Lightspeed_x
Thanks Code!, I'm currently downloading your driver to give it a shot...

I'll post pics as soon as i can...

Posted by code28h4p
Ok...i'll be waitin'

Unfortunately...tonight i've been failed to add manual iso setting (exchange effects function), but it isn't absolut failure, at 1st shot manual iso did work but after shot, iso has been back to default/auto. And we must re-set iso setting again to got manual iso, honestly i didn't like it.

Posted by mitunpaul
Hi. I m new in this forum. I have a sony c510 handset. I m very disappointed with its photo quality. Want to upgrade the cam driver. Can any body help me, how to perform this up gradation.

Waiting for reply......

Posted by tranced
get the camdriver at the first post and use this tutorial:

Tutorial: Uploading files to A2 phones

Posted by mitunpaul
Thanks dude. Its nice. In day light condition its very nice, but in low light the pictures are too bad. Its giving a yellowish shade and the picture are too much darker.
Have u any solution for that?

Posted by code28h4p
could you give me a sample in lowlight with nor without LED.
I give you a new camdriver there, see page1 but it is for C702 only for a while....sharpness decrease a little in auto scene.

Posted by mitunpaul
See these photos. Taken with C510 cam.
1st one is under daylight. 2nd one is in low light condition using flash LED, and the 3rd one is without using LED.
The last two photos are horrible man. Almost nothing is visible. I had tried in all the modes, but the results are almost same. Plz do something.

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Posted by code28h4p
did you think C510 and C702 could take a photos without LED in very lowlight condition???? u've wrong dude. C510 and C702 have a small aperture which can't absorb more light. If you want to take a picture in very lowlight condition please turn on your LED....
Or you could take a shot with stock camdriver first and give your comparisaton between stock camdriver and my camdriver in very lowlight condition.....if C510 could do more...i will make a move to make my camdriver more and more.
Please upload your photo.....

Posted by ds934118
These photo is use your camdriver^^




The photo of C702
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Posted by akudan
lowlight test between stock & your c510 camdriver

c510 stock

your camdriver (i turned off assistlights)

your camdriver (this pic were taken before i switch off assistlight)

your camdriver, lights on

Posted by code28h4p
i didn't have comment yet and maybe have no comment yet, maybe someone with good-eye to analize photos could share their comment.
Now...where's C702 user???? didn't one?

Posted by pakhusin
i guess u should conduct ur own experiment and judge urself.
please compare between N1 3.3Beta camdriver with urs, because up until now, N1's camdriver is the best deal for C702 so far. Stock camdriver is soooo yesterday.

and still, u havent answered my question, are u using laptop screen as reference? Or is it standalone LCD monitor? because there should be huge difference in color processing. Like i said, when laptop screen shows dark, standalone LCD monitor shows greenish color that u wont see on laptop screen, for example, 3rd picture from akudan, it's like a point of view from a predator! only green and dark green!

I guess i'll stick to N1 camdriver for the moment.

Posted by code28h4p
i have use stand alone LCD monitor. somebody have told you this is because over-sharpness setting in my camdriver and this have fixed yet now. i have decrease more sharpness in auto mode to remove that annoying greenish dot. You must have to try my new camdriver (link in post 1).
oh....something that you should now....this is my project corporate with number1 as long as you know....
did you try to use facedetection shot with number1 3.3 beta....there's will be so much annoying yellowish area in your face if you see on your PC monitor....
in my new camdriver this is a sample, i have fixed a little that annoying yellowish at my son's face.

BTW...could we talk on Yahoo Messenger sometimes???????? with malay language if you want....
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Posted by Sprinz
my suggestion is that perharps you can post N1's camdriver for c510 and c702 in your first thread so that others can compare the difference between these 2 drivers instead of comparing with the original driver?

btw, is everyone able to see the full sized picture for n1's vs code's camdriver posted by pakhusin at the first page? cuz nothing happens when i click the picture..

so i guess maybe i should post the links for his full sized pics here:

code-normal metering-flash off

code-spot metering-flash off

n1-normal metering-flash off

n1-spot metering-flash off

hope he wouldn't mind
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Posted by ds934118
May I chat with you ?
This is my YM : ds934118.
I will ask you many about your camdriver questions.

Camdrvier of you when night shot, some local noise numerous, turn on LED can be become purple
The color is too bright , yellowish will become deep yellow

By the way,with photograph that camdriver of N1 make being noise camdriver little than you,clearer than you too.
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Posted by code28h4p
because i didn't have C510 so i can't try for now, thanx for your feedback...maybe fixed camdriver will be release as soon as possible.
about twilight mode in my camdriver, mine will produce more noise than number1 because i have to increase exposure +1, ISO to 125 and shutter speed 1/2 sec (while N1 ISO 100/shutter speed 1 sec). Why i didn't follow N1 to set ISO to 100 and SS to 1 sec, because i hate it while took picture in very lowlight condition + LED, picture will dark....

Posted by ds934118
I only have C702....Haha~@@!
But I hate noise on photo= 3 =
So,I want the supermode come soon...........

And if ISO is so high,the photo will be bad><

By the way,I know where is indonesia

Posted by code28h4p
Hoho...finally you know where Indonesia is.
Forget 'bout supermode function coz it can't implemented on latest cyber-shot phone (read raider's topic).
Bout manual ISO, number1 told me that it is couldn't effective way.
I'll put in N1's camdriver 3.3 beta in first post later plus the latest one he gave me via email (he called it number1&code28h4p beta 2) to give you all some comparison and share your opinion due bring maximal C702's camera performance.

Posted by pakhusin
i tried ur newest camdriver, it's quite acceptable already. but still need some improvements.

i didn't notice it before, sorry ;P

hope u and n1 succeed in this project.

Posted by ds934118
I expect very much!!
Hope you can improving noise........= v =
And I want to get the N1's camdriver Beta 2.
Thank you.
Please send it on YM.

Your son is cute →or daugher!?
Sorry I just a junior high student.
Please excuse me in the impolite place

Posted by code28h4p
Which area need an improvement, could you tell me.

That's my SON dude...
Why do you want improvement on noise?? Unfortunately C702's noise reduction algorithm didn't quite good enough.

Posted by pakhusin
i dont know, whatever that u think best should do.
brothers at se-indo also good at commenting.

Posted by code28h4p
At se-indo.net they always said my camdriver are good. I need someone that have good-eye sight like you.

My new camdriver (corporate project with number1) has near finished yet...but number have told me not to release it yet...sorry i couldn't share beta2 by number1 here...
Maybe he will launch it in his topic soon. Please wait.

Posted by ds934118
The noise is not bad, the more important thing is night shot, I strike some places with your new camdriver, are all green.
Faint yellow will become deep yellow....

Than....I will be a test

Your camdriver V.S. N1's
Your color is more bright, but noises are more than he, in case of not making LED, focus and fail at macro.

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Posted by tranced
i had taken enough pics to test and judge. the problem is that i have to rest for a while.

i had one bug using your first c702 camdriver. i was able to save a pic to the memory card. it just took the pic and then returned to the camera.

the pics turns out blue-ish or green-ish.

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