Toshiba announce 32 GB SD High Capacity memory card

25 August 2007 by
Toshiba adds new SD High Capacity (SDHC) cards and microSDHC card to memory card line-up

Three new cards were announced, including the worlds first 32-gigabyte (GB) memory card in this high density. Alongside the 32GB SDHC card, Toshiba also announced a 16GB SDHC card and an 8GB microSDHC card. All the new cards meet the Class 4 specification in the SD Speed Class, ensuring they deliver the high level performance and functionality essential for advanced mobile phones and other personal digital products.

The 16GB SDHC card will be available worldwide from October, and the 32GB SDHC card and 8GB microSDHC card will be launched worldwide in January next year.

SDHC Memory Cards can be used with devices that support the SD Memory Card Ver. 2.00 standard. They are not backward compatible with standard SD Memory Cards. Toshiba say that they have only been able to produce standard SD cards up to a maximum size of 2GB. In order to meet high-capacity needs, the new SDHC-standard cards was presented. SDHC cards use the FAT32 file system and are high-capacity.

The market for high density memory cards is growing fast, driven by increasing demand for personal digital equipment able to handle motion pictures and high resolution images. Demand for high density microSDHC cards is expected to emerge in the mobile phone market, as on-board cameras advance multi-megapixel capacities, and demand for music and motion pictures are expanding as well.

Toshiba SDHC memory cardThe expanded new card series will be featured at the IFA 2007, in Berlin, Germany from August 31 to September 5.


On 29 Aug 22:04 OptiPessimist wrote
@Jay-> u r quiet ryte.. they havent even bothered to "enhance" sloppy floppy!!

but this is only the way forward.. these pages (& comments that the capacity is- too much) would make for good humour, few years down the line.. may 15-20 years

but the pessimist in me is smirking.. and smirking real good- as it knows the woes current devices face..

##] is not rare today for one to hear, that devices (mostly feature rich fones of music buffs) freeze or act up trying to digg up data (mostly music files) on their packed flash cards.. and

##] more often than not, have we heard the (perinially pathetic) service center guys reverting on faulty/ erratic device (phone) behaviour by saying- that the memory card could be the reason- as the phone works fine without one.

AND WARNING user to refrain their use (which incidently often is the primary reason people get these steep priced products... to stash them with memory cards with capacities to satiate their audio video needs) !!

would love to see the disgrubtled users of these cards in future.. trying to make sense of similar customer care/ service center "advice" against use of such cards/ or NOT filling them up with few housand files (as the phones dont have the suave, refined software to read them error free) !!
On 29 Aug 12:46 Jay wrote
you can still remember those good ole days that 320KB-disk is 5 1/4 inches wide! now a 32GB disk is that small!
On 28 Aug 02:42 james wrote
to zar: you are right 16 and 32 MB are very big. I know the new SEK850i with UI platform A200 will support such big memories. Have a nice day.
On 28 Aug 02:25 zar wrote
what cell phone support this memory????...32 GB its very very big!
memory stick 16GB 32GB is coming????????
On 27 Aug 02:59 erotomaniac wrote

K750s use Sony or Sandisk "Memory Sticks". You can't use SDHCs on them.
On 27 Aug 02:51 Jize wrote
prom1, u seem to know alot bout how memory cards are read. so wat do the phone companies mean wen they say for example, "up 2GB" on the specs of their phones, esp sonyericsson(most new models say 1GB, including the K850)?
On 26 Aug 14:08 tyXll198805672 wrote
where i can buy the 32g card? i wanna one 4 my k750! is so cool!
On 26 Aug 06:26 prom1 wrote
actually the whole point of SDHC or MicroSDHC is the total SPEED & memory capacity. Any phone, device supporting these should have the electrons to speed through and the sufficient ability to map files accordingly. SE does a great job of mapping folders & the content within. Can anyone now see the full worth of the K850i thats upcoming with dual card support?

Wonder if M2s will have faster read/write than SDHC/MicroSDHC ... I think they do, even if marginally so.
On 26 Aug 03:57 Jize wrote
guys, do u think there'll b a phone able to handle such huge memory anytime soon? kinda no point havin lots of memory with nothing to use it with
On 26 Aug 03:23 SeF wrote
I wont expect a phone being capable of handling 32Gb SD card. it will terribly lag! :P
On 25 Aug 22:12 ahmedsama wrote
Can't wait to get my hands on one of these :D
On 25 Aug 22:02 Prom1 wrote
Where was the SOURCE!

Where was this announced?!
On 25 Aug 12:40 strizlow800 wrote
On 25 Aug 11:39 erotomaniac wrote
"You forgot that Toshiba and Sony are one company. It will come-up for M2 real soon. ;)"

huh!?! ur kidding ryt? Remember HD DVD vs Blu Ray? Toshiba and Sony are not part of the same company. Theyre competitors.
On 25 Aug 10:58 Visitor wrote
It's just great! amazing... And if you think a little backwards, you can remember that a few years ago, 128mb were a lot for memory cards ^^
On 25 Aug 09:33 batesie wrote
2015 and you'll see 1Tb on them....
On 25 Aug 08:35 energetic wrote

You forgot that Toshiba and Sony are one company. It will come-up for M2 real soon. ;)
On 25 Aug 04:58 lexdet wrote
wow! its really huge microstick M2should also come up with that capacity.
On 25 Aug 02:48 Christian wrote
32 gb????? it`s a lot don`t you think???

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