The first Toshiba UMTS phone in Europe

7 August 2005 by axxxr
Toshiba has joined forces with Vodafone in an exclusive strategic marketing partnership to launch its first UMTS phone for the European market.

The new TS921 is an extremely versatile mobile phone model with comprehensive imaging functions and a video output that satisfies the requirements of even the most discerning users. The Toshiba UMTS phone will be available from the beginning of August 2005 onwards at the Vodafone shops for as little as EUR 99.50 per month in conjunction with a Vodafone UMTS Per-Minute Package Plus 100 tariff. 

Professional quality mobile TV, photo and video functions
Not only does the TS 921 boast convincing technical features, it is also perfect for using the new multimedia services in the Vodafone live! UMTS network!. For example, the Mobile TV service - which offers 15 channels in the genres of sport, music, news and entertainment - enables users to watch news programmes, comedy clips, the latest football highlights and other content on their mobile phone. The content is streamed via UMTS and displayed in optimum quality thanks to the phone's extra-large display, high resolution and intelligent clamshell and swivel mechanism. This also applies for video clips taken by the user. A video output function enables the transformation of the phone into a mobile video recorder that can be connected up to any TV set with the appropriate port for a multimedia show. Short, high-quality videos in MPEG4 file format can also be recorded and sent via the Vodafone UMTS network.

The TS 921 not only appeals to photography fans due to its high-resolution 1.92 megapixel camera, it also has the additional features of integrated flash and auto focus.

Over five hours of continuous talktime for worldwide calls
The TS921 is also a top performer when it comes to voice calls. It is a triband phone that can be used to make calls in most countries around the world via GSM networks (900, 1,800 and 1,900 MHz). The powerful battery enables up to 320 minutes of talktime and 270 hours of standby operation. Other devices, such as headsets or notebooks, can also be connected up to the TS 921 via infrared or bluetooth.

Video calls via the Vodafone live! portal are easy with the phone's sub-camera and integrated display swivel mechanism. For more information see

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