Spy photo of LG B mobile phone leaked

19 December 2010 by
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The leaked photos are comparing an iPhone 4, Galaxy S and an unknown mobile phone allegedly being a LG code named B

The pictures was leaked out to Phandroid and the comparison image shows an LG phone with a very bright and clear screen. Some mobile tech sites claims this is a Photoshop manipulation because of the screen similarities with the Galaxy S to the right. Another thing that back up such claims is the use of TouchWiz 3.0 which is a themed Android build from Samsung. Not LG. A couple of more photos are comparing the iPhone 4 with the LG B held in a hand where the LG B seems thinner than the worlds thinnest smartphone.

Later, The official LG Mobile CES 2011 twitter account made a tweet about the spreading comments which said - seein is believin! The super slim & super bright "LG B" Android phone. come to #CES #CES11 and see with your own eyes!!

Well. CES starts on January 6th 2011 so we will see then if the rumour has any truth in it.


LG B compared to iPhone 4 and Galaxy S

Compare LG B and iPhone 4

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On 1 Jan 08:25 Andrew wrote
My only problem is that in the picture the phones have different times on them. The one that is the "iphone" says 2:00 while the other 2 say 12:22. Why would the person have phones that are in the same timezone that aren't the same time. This picture has been edited... Pretty poorly too if I may add.

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