PRADA phone Launched

19 January 2007 by axxxr
LG and PRADA, one of the world’s leading brands in the luxury goods industry , unveil the first completely touch screen mobile phone.

The PRADA Phone by LG (KE850) is a real breakthrough in the industry, as it is a unique, sophisticated and elegant mobile phone with the first complete advanced touch interface.

LG and PRADA have worked closely together on every aspect of the product, from handset development to marketing combining the attention to detail and uncompromising quality of PRADA design with the trademark technological innovation of LG mobile.

PRADA’s involvement extends beyond exterior aesthetics to the key elements of the user experience such as the advanced touch interface, ring tones, pre-loaded content, mobile phone accessories and the exclusive leather case, inspired by the classic Italian craftsmen tradition.

The PRADA Phone by LG introduces the world’s first advanced touch interface which eliminates the conventional keypad making the overall usage experience a highly tactile one. An extra wide LCD screen maximizes visual impact, allowing the user to benefit from several key features of the phone, including the 2 megapixel camera featuring Schneider-Kreuznach lens, video player and document viewer capacity. Above all, these features contribute to the phone’s beautifully sleek and simplistic appearance.

Glowing icons on the face of the phone disappear when not in use to reveal a pure, un-adulterated black exterior. The phone is ultra thin (just 12 mm), nonetheless it hosts an array of additional multimedia functions, including an MP3 player and a music multitasking function for messaging. It also boasts an external memory slot, allowing the user to increase memory capacity for images, music and film clips.

The PRADA Phone by LG will be available with prices starting from 600 Euros in mobile dealerships as well as selected PRADA stores in the UK, France, Germany and Italy as of late February, 2007, followed by countries in Asia such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore from late March, 2007. The Korean version of the phone is scheduled to launch in the second quarter of 2007.



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On 17 Feb 20:15 n wrote
this fone is great i have just got a new phone but i wish i got this one its nice realy nice
On 15 Feb 14:04 lol wrote
u stink so does the phone
On 15 Feb 14:04 Rachel wrote
the phone is nice 4 display & 4 fashion but i like it
On 9 Feb 15:27 MichealBruce wrote
On 9 Feb 02:12 rkg wrote
hey...guys where can i get this phone....its the coolest thing ever...its nicer than the d&g phone any day...
On 5 Feb 17:15 dave wrote
thats a sexy fone where can i get it from
On 31 Jan 08:39 huber wrote
were can i purchase one and how much/????????????
On 29 Jan 20:21 gangsta wrote
dont act hard ill break you all
On 20 Jan 09:24 Patrick wrote
Thizzz phono isa supa ugly!!!
On 20 Jan 08:32 exapted wrote
jeb, you are right to wonder if the iphone will function well as a phone, but if apple can manufacture personal computers and music/video players well, I am guessing they will make a pretty good phone. Sometimes a newcomer can learn from all of the old timers' mistakes and earn a large share of a market. No one has yet figured out how to make a truly good interface for a mobile phone, not even Blackberry (IMO). Mobile networks and the companies that run them are partially to blame for this. It is also risky to invest in innovative ideas such as a truly good interface when you know that if you invest in some known and popular feature set you will increase your market share by x amount.
On 20 Jan 08:05 exapted wrote
The American market is still basically in the bag for the iPhone. LG will have a big head start on the Asian market. People in Asia do not use browsers or email quite as much as westerners - they also use SMS and mobile voice more than westerners. And, Asians are generally more image conscious when it comes to mobile phones. Apple has a powerful brand image and I'm sure the iPhone will make a mark in China, Hong Kong and SE Asia, but it won't be considered very groundbreaking because the interface won't be considered as interesting as I (and other Americans) consider it.

I really don't know how Europeans will react, but I suppose it will be the 2nd most important short term market for the iPhone after the American market.
On 20 Jan 07:46 Jeb wrote
Just another proof there is so much more hype than real novelty around the iPhone. Let's just see if Apple gets things right with cellular antenna, radio, codec, system-wide (hardware and OS) cellular-oriented and power-save -oriented designs, or is its tech below all glitter just another PDA with cellular as afterthought. LG has a track record in this space. The only real thing Apple has on its side is a larger-than-life marketing style boosted by a blatantly biased glopress.
On 19 Jan 23:21 pleb wrote
Does anyone seriously think that LG could have ripped off apple and then released the phone within the week that apple annouced their product? I think its more likely that LG had a similar phone in design for a long while.
On 19 Jan 22:14 xrat3d wrote
lotkavolterra !!
You little mAC brainwashed moron. With brainwashed morons like you dictators could run their war through the world history.
Apple could sale even a shit to you if it has a mAC logo on it.
On 19 Jan 16:21 bashirmustapha wrote
Is the best in the histry of LG
On 19 Jan 15:57 S4k1s wrote
What is your problem otkavolterra?
Seek help.
On 19 Jan 15:42 lotkavolterra wrote
"This is far way more intersting than iPhone.. hmm... Schneider-Kreuznach lens.."

Your mom is more interesting.

This phone wont have a stylish user interface like Apple's iPhone.

It's plain to see that Prada doesn't have style in this category.
On 19 Jan 09:15 Nanu1 wrote
I agree with s4k1s, the close ups look like the w950i that have been through paintshop!! is it an honour that top designers start their designs from a se phone, or a blatant rip off?
On 19 Jan 08:39 S4k1s wrote
Looks like a W950 from the side and design wise. Don't forget this phone is a LG KE850 , announced before the iPhone, so plz don't start saying it's a copy of the iPhone...
On 19 Jan 08:10 SloopJohnB wrote
After the iPhone this lg model looks kinda toyish.
On 19 Jan 08:08 JarodT wrote
To Kulorex: I dont think, that Prada/LG phone will slow down the iPhone sales. Why? Because, young people will mostly buy iPhone, but Prada/LG is a brand phone - I think less people will buy it.
On 19 Jan 07:46 nick wrote
Eh its not that great looks ugly, but deffinatly some iphoneyness in that model
On 19 Jan 05:40 Kulorex wrote
I think this one will slow down the iPhone sales and just wait till SE releases his own version of touch-screen!
On 19 Jan 05:15 sunierecsun wrote
p990i is a better phone............................
On 19 Jan 04:10 xrat3d wrote
This is far way more intersting than iPhone.. hmm... Schneider-Kreuznach lens..
On 19 Jan 03:34 Ray wrote
It's not the D&G phone !!
On 19 Jan 03:21 xrat3d wrote
This is far way more intersting than iPhone.. hmm... Schneider-Kreuznach lens..

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